Xbox 2 is No More Project Scorpio; Meet Xbox One X here!

Dorothy Smith

Xbox One X: At the E3 Press Conference, Microsoft announced the revelation of Project Scorpio is named as the Xbox One X officially. In a demo room, the developers unveiled the hardware of Xbox One X gaming console, with a side-by-side comparison with that of its cheaper console, Xbox One S. If we go with the reports, earlier Project Scorpio was equal to be named as Xbox 2. But breaking the rules, Microsoft once again proved to be unpredictable by unveiling it to be Xbox One X.

Xbox One X or Project Scorpio External: As per the design, fans must be surprised to know that Xbox One X quietly resembles with the developer kit that was viewed by us earlier in 2017. Xbox One X just looks similar to an Xbox console, but there’s nothing special about it, design wise. One X shape and design is just like the refreshed slim One S that was unveiled last summer. Apparently as declared by Phil Spencer, the pride lies next to the developers’ mind when thinking about Xbox One X to be the smallest console developed by the company by far. However, Xbox One X is matte black until the company declares if there is any color option available for the One X users. As of now, it’d be safer to say that the launch version will be available in matte black only.

XBox One X is the new XBox 2

Xbox One X or Project Scorpio Internal: On the contrary, the real changes of Xbox One X are inside; underneath the generic shell of Xbox. As declared by Microsoft, the console has offers 6 teraflops of graphical power. Well, in this case apart from the developers we need to give the Thanksgiving to the custom GPU engine that runs at 1172MHz. The rivalry is a part of gaming consoles, and by this, we meant to address Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro is noticeably behind the upcoming Xbox; packing a 4.2 teraflops which runs at 911MHz. As per reports, Xbox One X is going to hit the 4K resolution alongside 60 frames per second.

Xbox One X or Project Scorpio Release Date and Price: Before any kind of official announcements, speculations entered and made a U-turn. In fact, initially, Xbox One X or Project Scorpio was termed to be Xbox 2. But breaking all air of speculations, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One X to be the Project Scorpio in general. From the E3 event, we have been lucky enough to get some official announcements about the release date of Xbox One X or Project Scorpio. A souped-up successor of Xbox One, Xbox One X is going to get launched on the 7th of November. And according to the very welcomed rumor confirmed by reports, Xbox One X will be pegged up with a price tag of $499, which is, unsurprisingly, a hundred dollar more than PlayStation 4 Pro costs.

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Wrap Up: Microsoft doesn’t actually need to vow with the hardware of Xbox One X as their cup of tea is delivering the promise of a console that’d be capable of competing with the PC gaming rig of mid to high end.