What is Veterans Day?

Dorothy Smith

Veterans Day is a day to pay homage to the Veterans who served the nation risking life and making it safe for the entire country. Veterans Day is an official United States public holiday, observed annually on November 11, to honor military veterans, that is, persons who served in the United States Armed Forces. Every year the entire State of America celebrates the day with respect and grandeur. Veterans Day 2016 will be celebrated around United States on 11th November, so check out the important details regarding the special day.


Why Veterans Day is celebrated?

If we turn to the pages of history, we will find that more than 48 million Americans served at the times of war and peace since 1776. The anniversary of the signing of the armistice that ended with World War I. The U.S. President Woodrow Wilson took it as a opportunity and first proclaimed Armistice Day on November 11, 1919 that ultimately turn out to be as Veterans Day. The day is observed to show honour and respect to the heroism of veterans who died in service.

The celebration was a hope to all as it was thought that World War I would be “the war to end all wars,” but it did not happen the way all wanted and another war broke out in Europe within a few years later. It is very sad to say that in the following years, hundreds and thousands of Americans lost their lives in World War II and the Korean War.

 Alfred King, a shoe storeowner in 1953 in Emporia, Kansas, had an idea to expand Armistice Day to celebrate veterans of all wars, not just those who served in World War I. He began a campaign to turn Armistice Day into “All” Veterans Day. The target was to spread the awareness of the sacrifices of veterans and make the new generations aware of the horror of war and the piece of history they should never forget.

Veterans Day Celebration

Today the day is still bearing its gravity among all with equal importance like before. Whole nation participates in it and celebrates it in various ways. The most important Veterans Day celebration occurs in the United States that takes place at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery, where at 11 a.m., the time when the treaty was signed to achieve peace.

Apart from that, there are parades and patriotic songs and performances are observed to tribute the veterans. The US President takes part in the ceremony and delivers a patriotic speech remembering the sacrifices of the veterans. The day is celebrated as a national holiday.