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Vikings Season 5: Can We Expect a New King?

Dorothy Smith

Vikings is all set to step its foot for the Season 5 and as the fourth ended with utmost drama with the death of Ragnar and that is evoking a lot of questions and a number of speculations. Now though the release date of the Vikings Season 5 is not declared yet, we all are interested to know what is coming in the fifth season. The only possible source for knowing about it is the teasers that have already released. As per the teaser Vikings star Katheryn Winnick who plays Lagertha will come up on the screen with her real brothers, and there is a possibility that one of them will play the news king!

Katheryn has already posted a picture of her brothers with the information of them to be part of the popular show, where they may share the same screen space. The new king will definitely have to battle against Harald Finehair.  While he angles to become the first King of Norway, we must not forget that Wessex has a brand new monarch Aethelwulf (Moe Dunford), after the death of Linus Roache’s King Ecbert.

But as Angantyr Heidreksson is known to be the first Swedish ruler of the House of Munsö the historical events may take the lead part to bring some more characters to make the plot intriguer. As it is difficult to know that angle the plot will take as there are three notable men of history named Angantyr, and their stories too have a common denominator.

One of them is referred to as Angantyr the Berserker, a man who went to war and was killed with his eleven brothers after a failed attempt of them to win the hand of a lady named Ingeborg, in Uppsala. On the other hand Angantyr the Berserker had a daughter named Hervor, and their story can easily be connected to “Vikings” season 5. The daughter traveled to Samso to encourage his father’s ghost to let go of the Tyrfing, a deadly sword that kills everyone who lays their eyes on it. She went on to be a shieldmaiden, and there lies her connection to the character of Lagertha.

There is a great possibility that the story of Angantyr the Berserker will be shown in “Vikings” season 5; and it has the potential of tying to merge the story of Winnick’s character, Lagertha that can reveal an untold tale from her past. If this is happening the Vikings Season 5 cast will be too engrossing bringing back on screen some characters who will be new but the integral part of the Vikings’ history.

But all these are just speculation as no such details have been revealed by the makers or the actors. But as per the speculations, the plot looks too believable, and thus the fans may relish the newly speculated plot till something official is coming from their side.

Vikings Season 5 is set to come on air at the last quarter of this year!

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