what you need to know about showbox

Few Things We Need To Know About Showbox App

Dorothy Smith

Indeed the manmade power had served us with all new technology which is developing from the time when computers arrived. Today’s technological world has given us all the best possible ways in surfing via Internet. From every corner of the world, people can connect with each other. All thanks to the technology which is still in its developing process in order to digitalize the world. Well, talking about various apps we have Showbox which not only replaces the confusion of downloading movies or TV series but serves with cartoons as well.

Showbox: What is Showbox and what are the KEY FEATURES??

A pioneer application which is best for Android users, Showbox is available for all Android operating system. Nowadays, it is compatible with almost all the platforms such as iOS, Blackberry, Android, and Windows. Showbox is basically used for streaming TV shows, videos, movies as well as serials. All across the globe users are immensely impressed with Showbox, and they can easily consider Showbox as the finest application available on the Internet.


First and foremost, Showbox is absolutely free of cost without any hidden or additional charges. Second, for accessing any movie or TV episode users may not log in. Third, Showbox gives an easy searching option. Users will face absolutely null confusion when it comes to searching movies or episodes through Showbox. Fourth, users will stay updated with the arrival of new updates. Even without digging the search engines, all episodes can be accessed by the users. Fifth, users can download separate episodes without any confusion. The downloaded files in Showbox go to a new folder so that users don’t find it difficult in tracking those files. Sixth, suppose there’s no internet connection. Will the users be able to watch episodes? Well, yes they can. Even without connecting via Internet users can watch any episode in Showbox. Last but not the least; users can create favorites whenever they feel like. Mentioned below are some of the pros and cons of using Showbox:


  • Showbox offers users with a never ending movie list of whatsoever latest or old classic movies collection.
  • By offering HD quality movies and videos, the app is totally free of cost without any app purchase (IAP).
  • For a fast internet connection, Showbox provides a high download speed.
  • The user interface is easy to understand.
  • Latest shows are available with each updated episode.
  • Showbox provides entertainment services along with trustworthy videos.
  • Lets you watch movies of different languages with suitable subtitles.


  • The speed of the users’ phone gets slowed down.
  • Often, Showbox gets cracked because of the busy network.
  • Updates are a must. Every time an update comes, users need to update the new version.
  • Movies and long videos use almost entire phone memory of the users.
  • Showbox uses a lot of internet.

Unfortunately, Showbox is unavailable on Playstore. Users need to get the link via Internet. So if you want to download it then you can do so by downloading the Showbox apk Immediately!

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