SnapTube App: All that You Need to Know

Dorothy Smith

When we talk about the applications related to multimedia there are many available in Google Play Store, but there is one which takes all the flaws away with it, is the new avatar of video and music downloading application i.e. the SnapTube!


What SnapTube does that it allows it users to download different types of videos and music through it; you can download videos from any of the streaming websites like YouTube, FaceBook, iG, Live Leaks and others. You can choose the quality of videos wanted to download, and even if you would only like to download the audio of any of the video that is also an option there. Eventually everything has its pros and cons but if you are delighted by the pro, it can overshadow the few cons. SnapTube is a multi-user application which comes with more than 12 in-built sites to download videos and music.

Here checkout the amazing jam-packed features of our favorite video downloading app- SnapTube have it. All you have to do is download the Snaptube apk file:

Videos- with this app, you can download videos in an easy and convenient way. This makes the whole streaming experience simple, and once it is downloaded on your device you can watch it offline without any internet connection.

Catalogue- SnapTube has so many options and categories to choose from, with a section of most trending, most popular and recently watched videos pop right up for recommendations. This not only helps you find new and interesting videos but in a way but it shows you what is happening new every day in the world of multimedia.

Browsing- this is one of the most convenient feature about SnapTube, just a click away you can search any keyword in the search box, and the moment you write letters an elongated dialogue will show smart suggestions of the videos or artist you are looking for.

Capturing- once you get to your desired video whatever you were looking for, you can click the download button reference with a bold arrow pointing downwards, and you can also select the path where this video will be downloaded.

Quality- the best part of having this application is that you can choose the quality type of the video you would want to download, it can be either 1080p resolution or you have an option to choose lower picture quality that goes till 240p.

Audio- one of the unique thing that this app contains is you also have an option to only download the audio of the video, isn’t that amazing, which could actually could save a lot of space on your smart phone and the audio will automatically be saved in mp3 format and in this you can also select the quality of audio either from 128KBs or 256KBs.

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After going through the detail recollection of what this application is made for, I think this is the reason why SnapTube have more than 1 million downloads every day. Let’s hope this sticks longer than winter’s ice.