What is Veterans Day?

Veterans Day is a day to pay homage to the Veterans who served the nation risking life and making it safe for the entire country. Veterans Day is an official United States public holiday, observed annually on November 11, to honor military veterans, that is, persons who served in the United States Armed Forces. Every year the entire State of America celebrates the day with respect and grandeur. Veterans Day 2016 will be celebrated around United States on 11th November, so check out the important details regarding the special day.


Why Veterans Day is celebrated?

If we turn to the pages of history, we will find that more than 48 million Americans served at the times of war and peace since 1776. The anniversary of the signing of the armistice that ended with World War I. The U.S. President Woodrow Wilson took it as a opportunity and first proclaimed Armistice Day on November 11, 1919 that ultimately turn out to be as Veterans Day. The day is observed to show honour and respect to the heroism of veterans who died in service.

The celebration was a hope to all as it was thought that World War I would be “the war to end all wars,” but it did not happen the way all wanted and another war broke out in Europe within a few years later. It is very sad to say that in the following years, hundreds and thousands of Americans lost their lives in World War II and the Korean War.

 Alfred King, a shoe storeowner in 1953 in Emporia, Kansas, had an idea to expand Armistice Day to celebrate veterans of all wars, not just those who served in World War I. He began a campaign to turn Armistice Day into “All” Veterans Day. The target was to spread the awareness of the sacrifices of veterans and make the new generations aware of the horror of war and the piece of history they should never forget.

Veterans Day Celebration

Today the day is still bearing its gravity among all with equal importance like before. Whole nation participates in it and celebrates it in various ways. The most important Veterans Day celebration occurs in the United States that takes place at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery, where at 11 a.m., the time when the treaty was signed to achieve peace.

Apart from that, there are parades and patriotic songs and performances are observed to tribute the veterans. The US President takes part in the ceremony and delivers a patriotic speech remembering the sacrifices of the veterans. The day is celebrated as a national holiday.

Top Mysterious Cat Stories around the World

Cats are adorable. Sleeps almost 14 hours a day and is always reluctant for anything. A bit stubborn, cats poses many qualities like humans. Cats are one of the most interesting creatures to adopt and it has immense craze for adoption among the cat or pet lovers. But cats are really something different than the usual animals. There are thousands of superstitions and mysteries regarding this animal. So now, here we serve some of such stories that are bound to give you Goosebumps! With National Cat Day knocking at our doors, these stories are really interesting.

stories of cat

Mysterious cat stories around the World

  • Charles I, the king of England, owned a black cat which he felt would bring him good luck. He was so afraid to lose it that he had it guarded day and night. It is so uncanny that the day after the cat died, he was arrested.
  • King Osorkon, of the twenty-second dynasty had placed a white cat in the center of a magnificent temple and ritually endowed it with supreme power. According to him it will bring him to attain all the power and position.
  • During the excavations in the ruins of Tell-Basta (the former Bubastis), a graveyard of 300,000 mummified holy cats was discovered. Though many of them were sent to England and sold for fertilizer, a few were taken to museums.
  • Mohammed was very fond of cats and his favorite cat was called Muezza. Muezza, who was asleep on one of the sleeves of the Prophet, Mohammed cut off the sleeve of his robe rather than disturb his cat from resting on it.

Such mysterious cat stories around the world will astonish all and it is so interesting to know that in almost every religion associated cats in various way but none of the animals of this vast animal kingdom got so much love and attention from one harmless creature, cat!

How to take screenshot in Kik: Complete Guide

Kik Interactive is the company that designed and developed Kik Instant Messaging application, Kik Interactive started working on Kik messenger in 2009 at the University of Waterloo in Canada. It uses the internet to transfer text, files, images, videos and other data between its users. Kik Messenger is a free application available for iOS, Android, and Windows. It had a different version for BlackBerry devices due to some technical issues. Kik for PC is having an estimated user of more than 240 million out of which 40% of users are from the United States.


Kik Messenger has many unique features from other messaging apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger,etc. The main feature of Kik Messenger is its anonymity users no need to provide any mobile number or email id instead they need to give their username which may be anything. This way the user will be unable to contact you through other communication which is the reason it is more popular in teenagers. Kik Messenger is recently developing Bots for more fun in messaging.

How to take screenshot in Kik:

Taking screenshot in Kik Messenger is an easy process, it is same as if you take a screen shot in your smartphone. Go to the chat section or what you need to take screenshot and then take the screenshot in mobile as you do for other apps. Other than this Kik does not provide any option in the app to take a screenshot.

Here will explain how to take a screenshot is iOS and Android devices.

How to take screenshot on iOS devices:

Step 1: Go to the Kik Messenger app and location where you need a screenshot.

Step 2: Press and hold the lock button on your device.

Step 3: Now click the home button.

Step 4: Now screen flashes a white screen, and you will hear theshutter sound.

Step 5: Go to Photos app and find the latest pictures, this is where you can find your screenshots.

This way you can take the screenshot on Kik Messenger and save your chats to share. Not only for Kik Messenger this process can be used to take any screenshot in iPhone.

How to take Screenshot on Android:

Taking ascreenshot in Android is similar to iOS devices. Here are the steps to follow to take a screenshot on Android.

Step 1: Open Kik Messenger and chat section where you need to take a screenshot.

Step 2: In this step you need to press the both lock button and volume down button at once to take a screenshot.

Step 3:  Now a blink will appear on the screen with a shutter sound.

Step 4: Now go to gallery app and screenshots folder or latest pictures and you can find the screenshot there.

These are the best possible options to take a screenshot of Kik messages on your Android and iOS devices. These process not only useful for Kik Messenger but also for all the apps.

Is the article help full to you to take screenshots of your Kik Messages? Please use our comment section below to leave a reply.

iMessage alternatives

What Are the 5 iMessage Alternatives for Mac Devices?

There is no doubt that iMessage from Apple is one powerful mode of communication app. However, when you need to communicate with other users on, then you need alternatives.

In this article we will discuss 5 iMessage alternatives for Mac devices.

iMessage alternatives


BBM may sound funny to many readers however you will want to know that if you have actually tried BBM on iOS or Android recently, it is a very powerful messaging app. The app comes full of features that give it the best for cross-platform messaging. It provides you with location sharing, voice notes, photo- and video-sharing, voice calls (over a data connection), and Dropbox file sharing.

However, you will want to know that using BBM, you can use only one device at a time. Supposing, you want to use iPhone and then want to complete the call on your iPad, then you will have to log out of BBM from the iPhone and then log inside BBM on your iPad. You can download BBM from the App store.


The WhatsApp is a popular app which currently has more than 450 million users. The app offers users standard messaging features including location sharing, group threads, voice notes, and photo- and video-sharing. Calls can be placed within the app and they are not routed over the Internet.

Similar to BBM, WhatsApp does not have the ability for multi device conversations. You can download WhatsApp from the App store.

Face book Messenger

Face book owns Whatsapp, but wanted to bring out its own app. Presenting to you the Face book Messenger and many users have rated it better than WhatsApp. The app lets voice calls over data and syncs your conversation history on several multiple devices in real time. The service can be accessed through any web browser and native apps on platforms such as Android and iOS.

You can download Face book Messenger form the App store.

Google Hangouts

The Google Hangouts service provides you with voice calls (over data), messaging, video calls, stickers, GIFs, and location sharing. It also provides Hangouts through any web browsers by accessing your Gmail or Google+ account. The conversation text can be kept in sync using multiple devices.

You can download Hangouts from the App store.


Viber has a lot in common with WhatsApp. This is a desktop app which makes it useful. When you are using a mobile app and connecting the desktop app to your Viber account, your message history gets synced. Users can change mobile device and your computer. Calls can be placed to other Viber users.

You can download Viber from the App store.

You will want to know that these apps let you to talk to anyone on any platform they are using. Though Apple locks you into iMessage, which is not the case with these apps. They help you to roam freely between platforms which are free of issues that are usually caused by switching platforms.

Rockstar Games may announce GTA VI on 14th June, Here are the top 5 features of GTA VI.

Rockstar Games have been a part of our lives since a long time now and since the day 1, the company have always given us the reason to stick to its games. They have a lot of games under their gold belt but the one that got them so much money is the GTA or Grand Theft Auto series.


To start with their history, GTA Vice City was the breakthrough that earned them unparalleled fame that no other game maker could. Then came their GTA San Andreas which was hardcore gamer’s best option. It featured a full fledged normal thug life gaming which was not limited like the GTA Vice City but had a huge map to play on. Then the company decided to launch GTA 3, GTA IV and GTA V which were great in every possible way. Now, Rockstar Games have hinted a huge announcement of launching GTA VI in this quarter only. Sims 5 will also release on same year.

Let us have a look at the points where Rockstar games will improve their GTA Series and what new to expect from GTA VI.

  1. GTA VI might feature real time international maps. Yes, you heard that right, GTA VI team is planning to include maps that are real-time and are as accurate as real time maps are. Rockstar games previously patented the name of GTA Tokyo and went to Japan to see how the streets in Tokyo are built and that is when they decided to scrap the project because of the problems in building the replicas in the game.
  2. Game play has always been the highlight of any GTA Game and that’s why, GTA VI is going to be no exception but better only. GTA VI is likely to be launched first in Playstation 5 and xBox Two and it is likely to feature different screen quality options as well. If you have aq 1080p screen, then you can select a 1080 p resolution or if you have a 4K Screen resolution then you can go for the qHD resolution.
  3. Female character- with this addition in the game, Rockstar Games is also stepping up and making its game available for its female fans as well. The Rockstar games is really excited about its female character and what we are hoping is that they are going to make the character a bad ass one.
  4. The GTA V edition saw enormous amounts of stunt opportunities for its users and yes everyone loved them very much so this time we will be in treat to see even better stunts and amazing cars as well. The last time (GTA V) we did not have any complaints in the department and the next time (GTA VI) we will be very much surprised. Rumors are that GTA Team is trying to get licensed vehicles in the GTA VI and if yes, that would be the best thing!
  5. Release Date- Rockstar Games will make announcement for the GTA VI in the first Quarter. So the expected release date for the GTA VI will be in the 3rd Quarter around December or so.

All the hardcore gamers will be waiting for the GTA VI very patiently and no wonder if this becomes the best seller soon after its release!

France vs. Racism: Accusations and Logic

France finally declared their 23 man squad for UEFA Euro Cup 2016 amidst a lot of hubbub. French coach, Didier Deshamps made one of the most balanced and powerful teams ever possible in the history of the nation. However he had to make a few very difficult choices when it came to choosing the most deserving players. Deshamps left out Benzema from the final list. This sparked a lot of controversy which was spearheaded by some of the most famous personalities of the nation.


Befuddling Accusations

Jamel Debbouze is a well known stand-up comedian and actor who is currently responsible to rekindling the controversy regarding taints of racism in the team selection process. He is of Franco-Moroccan origin and he lamented on television saying, “None of our representatives” have been chosen for the main French team. This followed a much debated accusation brought on by Eric Cantona. Cantona is a former Manchester United and France striker who accused Deshamps of excluding Karim Benzema and Hatem ben Afra. do not forget to check France VS Switzerland Live Streaming.

Why are They Nothing Less than Ridiculous?

These accusations were quite baffling as the current French team is one of the most multi-racial team ever possible. And as far the accusation for not including anyone from North African origins, Deshamps selected Adil Rami. Rami is a talented central defender of Moroccan origin, born and brought up in Corsica. He was added to the 23-man squad evidently due to the injuries sustained by other players.

Why was Benzema Excluded?

As far as Benzema is concerned, he has been entangled in some legal issues which include blackmailing his French teammate. It is evident from player performance that if he had not been busy with his legal problems he would have been the first choice for Deshamps’ 23-man squad. On the other hand, Arfa was never a sure pick due to his inability to perform constantly. He is quite an unstable player with flares of brilliance. He was always included in the larger training squad but when it came to the final 23 he did not have sufficient consistency to play with the big guns.

The Harsh Truth

A former professional coach from France confirmed, “Race is always a very sensitive issue. Even if there were not North African players in the main team it wouldn’t be Deshamps’ fault. Benzema would have definitely made the cut if he had not been tangled in legal outcomes of his actions.” It is worth mentioning that, the original squad indeed did not feature any players of Algerian, Moroccan or Tunisian origin. However the statistics, health conditions, legal issues and current squad analysis shows that it was in no way a conscious decision. This has not dissuaded either Cantona or Debbouze from making direct accusations against Deshamps for bringing in racial factors as far as the selection for the main team was concerned. do no forget to check Euro Cup 2016 Schedule.

Is iPhone 7 truly worth the wait?

2015 was a year of disappointment of all the Apple fanatics. Not only did Apple do little to upgrade the new models, in fact iPhone SE, 9.7 inch iPad Pro and the new MacBook all look like clones of their predecessors. This dampened the spirits of a number of veterans and as a result Apple is now looking forward to a 20 percent decrease in iPhone sales in the first quarter following the iPhone 7 launch. iPhone 6 was considered quite a revolutionary model by the makers which bombed in the market. Now the question is how much magic will iPhone 7 bring with it to revive the iPhone market?


What is really boring us

It is especially tough since the demise of Steve Jobs who was the main thinker behind Apple and the lack of evolution in the designs of the phones post iPhone 4 makes that quite evident. Apple has earned the condescension of many dedicated followers and scorns of millions of critics by trying to introduce insipid products like the iPencil for exorbitant prices. Now the new generation of iPhone to be launched later this year is Apple’s only chance to redeem itself in the global market.

Something new to be excited about

Most of the “news” you had heard before was mostly banter from the electronic market. Now it is time to unveil the true bits which have been procured directly from the different inside sources in Apple. In addition to the much expected specs upgrade we got last year with 6S we will definitely be getting a second rear camera for close-ups. This may be a new venture for Apple; however this is an old stint in the international market. One could say Apple has drawn inspiration from LG G5 and Huawei P9. What we really want is a smoother zooming option which is not an expert in blurring the image during the pinch and zoom process we use today! However on the brighter side, the lens on the rear end of the phone will be flattened to make the surface completely smooth and classy.

What makes the wait truly worth it?

What is exciting us most is the fresh addition of a digital home button with touch sensors. This will finally make the front face of the iPhone completely smooth and remove the physical button which divides the display from the bottom. This will definitely improve the look of iPhone 7 making the front flush and the entire body sleeker. Other rumors in our radar include the removal of the 3.5 mm jack and the inclusion of a second speaker at the bottom. Apple is finally including dust-proof and waterproof features and Smart Connect options to make the device more user friendly and accessible. iPhone 7 will come with iOS 10.

So what do we think about iPhone 7?

What we would actually love more is a better battery life. However Apple seems to be maliciously silent on that front. But that does not keep us from keeping our fingers crossed as we do hear whispers from various sources about pending breakthroughs in battery technology at the Apple labs. So all in all, we think that iPhone 7 may finally start the design revolution which Apple has been waiting for, for the past 2 years now.

FIFA 17 Requirements

What is the FIFA 17 System Requirements? Check Now

Considering the release date calendar of EA Sports, we can assume that FIFA 2017 will be coming out during time span of September 22nd to September 25th in 2016. We already have wish list ready for FIFA 17 features and in comparison to the last edition of FIFA game series, EA Sports’ game FIFA 17 have lots of chances to improve when it comes to  engaging game play. FIFA 17 may release in October 2016 and it will be available for all types of consoles by the month of November. So, gamers are already going gaga about the requirements of the sports game, so just let’s dig into it and find out if you are ready for it or not. The cherry on the cake rumor is Messi being pulling out from the cover and making space for Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro to take over his place on the cover of FIFA.

Let’s look into expected FIFA 17 system requirements and what will be required by your PC in terms of game play and graphics. Undoubtedly FIFA 17 will be facing a huge competition from PRO EVO, FIFA 2017 Gameplay is expected to be much better in multiple ways and we are guessing that FIFA 17 system requirements will be higher than never before. Each year expectations of fans gets huge. Stakes on FIFA series are always high and this year is no exception.

FIFA 17 Requirements

So the question is what new and exciting features we can expect from the FIFA 17. The internet is flooded with numerous rumors and wishlists regarding FIFA 2017.There are hundreds of things that determine these factors but there are some standard set of specifications for FIFA 17 to run properly. Make sure that you have high or at least recommended specifications if you are planning to buy a new PC.

You should be having Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 (only) 64-Bit Operating system. CPU should be Intel Core i3-2100 @ 3.1GHz OR AMD Phenom 7950 Quad-Core OR AMD Athlon II X4 620 OR Equivalentor of better clocking. Ram should be 4GB or above. 15GB space should be free in your system for the game to launch. DirectX should be of version 11.0 or above. Single player and multiplayer option are there. Maximum 4 players can simultaneously play the game. ATI or NVIDIA graphics or video card of minimum 1GB should be there. Since, the game exhausts the system resources so you might require cooling system.

The EA Sports is yet to release the trailer of FIFA 2017. Once it is out, we will be able to reiterate system requirements.

6 Best Facetime Alternatives

6 Best FaceTime Alternatives To Look Out For

FaceTime is the king of video calls when it comes to choose a good video calling app on iOS and FaceTime for PC also. But using the same application for couple of months may get monotonous and sticky. So you can try these below mentioned app as a substitute of FaceTime.

6 Best Facetime Alternatives

6 Awesome FaceTime Alternatives


First on our checklist is an app named Glide. This is a bit different from many video calling apps. This is technically a video message solution where you record video messages and send them to people. The person you’re messaging could enjoy your the message real time bu   t this isn’t really a app with some live chatting functions.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is most likely the referral you’ll get when asked about a great alternative of FaceTime. It’s an all in one online application that promotes messaging, voice calls, as well as video calls. You can do message and talks with around 100 persons and video chat with around 10 people at the same time. It additionally includes video filters, sticker labels, emoji, and also plenty of various other functions under the hood. Your Android device could have this preinstalled so it’s a good first step.

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Among the lesser known options for video calling is an app called ICQ. This app gives you absolutely cost free video calls as well as it works well with minimal stutters as well as minimum on call issues. It supports chatting, HD video chat, messaging, and also calling features just like Google Hangouts. It’s additionally supports cross platform which is something we always want to see in a messaging app.


LINE is one more preferred messaging solution used by people all over the globe. This one features free voice as well as video call. It does focus a lot more on the messaging features and also there we can use sticker labels and different other functions making your texting and video calling experience a lot better. Overall, it’s a good app to try out and it’s a cross platform app!


Everyone knows about Skype. It’s a popular and really outstanding video calling and chatting app. On top of cross platform support, Skype is renowned for its stability, appeal, and also for its many features. You can additionally message and also voice your Skype contacts totally complimentary with an alternative to buy minutes to call actual phone numbers. There are some issues occasionally that Skype is working out, yet on the whole it’s a favorable experience as well as you could video chat with up to 10 individuals.


Tango is among the oldest video chat apps on the Android channel as well as has had a great deal of time to improve as well as expand for many years. It’s a full-fledged chat application that features text chats, totally free video calls, and cost free voice telephone calls. It’s an effective video application and also was one of the best FaceTime alternatives.

5 Best Snapseed Alternatives

Looking For Snapseed Alternatives? Here’s The 4 Best Options

Snapseed is a famous photo sharing app that is available in Android and iOS. It’s better than many photo sharing apps for smartphone. Sometimes using this app becomes hectic and boring as we need to go through the same steps every time. That’s why we are going to discuss about some best alternative apps of Snapseed here.

5 Best Snapseed Alternatives

4 Best Snapseed App Alternatives

The best apps that can take on Snapseed are-

Camera +

Camera plus is a good app when it comes to provide shades and effects to a image. It has 77 filters and 80 different shades to use. Within a second you can share the captured image with your friends through the sharing option available in the app.

Moreover users can add some good frames and do a little bit adjustment in angle and can directly share the image in Facebook and Twitter.


We can bet that everyone who has been using Facebook knows the name of Instagram. You can do a lot of editing with this tiny sized smartphone app. With the numerous filters and effects we can do a lot of photoshop effects without having photoshop in our mobile. There is a little bit gap between professional photoshop editing and Instagram editing but the main scores come from its social networking option that has got over 1 billion installation worldwide.

Pixlr Express

It’s a very good photo sharing app with multiple modern features. Using this app you can take 360 degree image creating a sweeping panoramic image without any effort. You can take several shots consecutively and can frame the picture in a full image. It’s a full photosphere and you can snap and share anything with the world. It comes in Nexus 4 as a builtin app. By using Pixlr Online users can also edit pictures in PC. However, if you are a Snapseed freak, you may also try Snapseed for PC.

Adobe Express

Adobe has come into Android and iOS platform to provide feasibility to edit photos on the go. Though we need to go on a paid version to unlock every professional feature, the available features are very intuitive. With all basic photo editing features Adobe Express bangs all the other competitors. You can adjust brightness and contrast to make the image finer and the red eye reduction option is the best bet doubtlessly. The editing options are the big appealing where you can scroll the option up to down to choose the filters easily. Another best feature of this app is that when you tap on the SAVE option, it always SAVE the edited version separately while keeping the original one intact.

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Install any one of this and start editing your dream images to add more colors and shades on that.