LG V30: Wish List for LG’s Premium Smartphone

Dorothy Smith

The smartphone industry has flourished by leaps and bounds  post the latest technologies being rolled out every day and with the advent and introduction of technology like 4K resolution and Virtual reality, there is no end to what the latest smartphones can go on to feature. 2017 is certainly slated to be a device rich year from the top tech giants in the market and among these names, South Korean tech company LG does stand out as one of the forerunners.

LG has reportedly been very busy owing to the launch of their upcoming flagship device, the LG G6 which is pegged to make an appearance at the MWC 2017 event in Barcelona later this month. Now, with the G6 already featuring soon enough, tech enthusiasts have shifted their focus onto the upcoming LG v30, which is slated to be the third iteration of LG’s V lineup of premium smartphones. The V series by LG has certainly been more premium than the company’s flagship line in terms of specifications incorporated and is definitely holding a lot of premise prior to its release. Currently believed to be in a post production state, rumors pertaining to the device have been substantial.

Now, prior to the device being announced, tech enthusiasts have come up with quite an elaborate wish list for the LG V30, some of which might actually end up seeing the light of today. Here are a few key wish list features pertaining to the upcoming LG V30

A Faster Snapdragon 835 processor- One of the main points of the list and certainly the one which has the most chances of materializing, the Snapdragon 835 processor is definitely one which tech enthusiasts are striving to see under the hood of the Snapdragon 835. The new 10nm process from Qualcomm is slated to be 27 percent faster than the previous Snapdragon 821. The chipset is supposedly more battery friendly as well allowing support for Qualcomm’s QuickCharge 4.0 functionality.

Removal of the secondary Display and OLED display panels- One of the key features of the V10 and V20 smartphones were the secondary displays which both the premium devices sported. Now, LG has been working on OLED technology for quite some time now and the V30 certainly holds a lot of prospect for the OLED display panel to be features. Add to that an edge to edge display design and a bezel-less front panel, the aesthetic outlook of the V30 will definitely unparalleled.

Enhanced security measures: Today’s devices are definitely featuring the latest top notch technologies and security features for the devices are also slated to feature a ramp up. The LG V30 has a huge chance of incorporating an iris scanner into the smartphone as a first grade security measure and unlocking technique. Although details regarding this particular development have been scarce so far, the LG  V30 case will definitely sport an ultrasonic fingerprint canner on the rear panel of the device just below the dual lens camera system.