The iPhone 8 may come with facial recognition features

Dorothy Smith

Come September 2017 and the Apple iPhone 8 could well be in our hands and in front of our eyes thereby ending all of the furious months of speculations and rumours. We expect two features to be definitely sported on the new iPhone, which is in its 10th anniversary this year. Financial services firm Cowen and Company in a recently released note has stated that the iPhone 8 might get some sort of facial recognition feature. This, together with the much-hyped wireless charging, will ensure that the iPhone 8 delivers the bang for the buck.

A note by the analyst Timothy Arcuri states that Apple is set to introduce facial recognition which will be boosted by an all-new infrared sensor mounted on the front camera. Apparently, this report is based on supply chain sources of the noted Cupertino-based giant. Also, Apple may be looking to release three new phones this year, which is consistent with what other leaks and rumours suggest.

The rest of the news is pretty much the same as what we have been covering over the last few weeks and months. The 10th generation iPhone 8 trio will feature a bigger 5.8-inch iPhone which will release simultaneously with the smaller 5.5-inch version and the regular 4.7-inch iPhone. We can now state with a degree of confidence that the wraparound OLED display will be introduced. The biggest iPhone will boast of the TouchID under the glass surface on the front fascia. Exactly what sort of facial recognition feature the new iPhone will sport is unknown at this moment, however.

Samsung had earlier introduced an iris scanner on the ill-fated and now defunct Galaxy Note 7, which although a very good feature, sunk like a stone when the phone tanked. Since Apple is looking to introduce facial recognition in the next iPhone, the feature might have been given a new lease of life. Other features including the all-new and slightly bigger OLED display coupled with wireless charging have been reported. Apple will look to redesign the iPhone 8 completely and focus on an all glass body sandwiched in a steel frame. This will make it very similar to the iPhone 4s series.

In line with earlier reports, Apple will continue to rely on Samsung for the OLED supply. While other big suppliers like LG and Sharp will also be tapped, notable reports and sources have stated that the Korean giant will simply not be able to supply all the OLED panels by itself and other help will be required.

The iPhone 8 is supposed to sport a completely bezel-less design while the smaller smartphones will boast of the standard LCD display with only the biggest iPhone getting the OLED update. The sales of the new iPhone 8 will be closely monitored by both the manufacturer and other analysts as iPhone sales are set to drop in 2017. The new smartphone will be a marked improvement over the existing smartphones. Apple has been looking to beat Android smartphones over the last few years.  iPhone 8 will come with ios 11.