Is iPhone 7 truly worth the wait?

Dorothy Smith

2015 was a year of disappointment of all the Apple fanatics. Not only did Apple do little to upgrade the new models, in fact iPhone SE, 9.7 inch iPad Pro and the new MacBook all look like clones of their predecessors. This dampened the spirits of a number of veterans and as a result Apple is now looking forward to a 20 percent decrease in iPhone sales in the first quarter following the iPhone 7 launch. iPhone 6 was considered quite a revolutionary model by the makers which bombed in the market. Now the question is how much magic will iPhone 7 bring with it to revive the iPhone market?


What is really boring us

It is especially tough since the demise of Steve Jobs who was the main thinker behind Apple and the lack of evolution in the designs of the phones post iPhone 4 makes that quite evident. Apple has earned the condescension of many dedicated followers and scorns of millions of critics by trying to introduce insipid products like the iPencil for exorbitant prices. Now the new generation of iPhone to be launched later this year is Apple’s only chance to redeem itself in the global market.

Something new to be excited about

Most of the “news” you had heard before was mostly banter from the electronic market. Now it is time to unveil the true bits which have been procured directly from the different inside sources in Apple. In addition to the much expected specs upgrade we got last year with 6S we will definitely be getting a second rear camera for close-ups. This may be a new venture for Apple; however this is an old stint in the international market. One could say Apple has drawn inspiration from LG G5 and Huawei P9. What we really want is a smoother zooming option which is not an expert in blurring the image during the pinch and zoom process we use today! However on the brighter side, the lens on the rear end of the phone will be flattened to make the surface completely smooth and classy.

What makes the wait truly worth it?

What is exciting us most is the fresh addition of a digital home button with touch sensors. This will finally make the front face of the iPhone completely smooth and remove the physical button which divides the display from the bottom. This will definitely improve the look of iPhone 7 making the front flush and the entire body sleeker. Other rumors in our radar include the removal of the 3.5 mm jack and the inclusion of a second speaker at the bottom. Apple is finally including dust-proof and waterproof features and Smart Connect options to make the device more user friendly and accessible. iPhone 7 will come with iOS 10.

So what do we think about iPhone 7?

What we would actually love more is a better battery life. However Apple seems to be maliciously silent on that front. But that does not keep us from keeping our fingers crossed as we do hear whispers from various sources about pending breakthroughs in battery technology at the Apple labs. So all in all, we think that iPhone 9 may finally start the design revolution which Apple has been waiting for, for the past 2 years now.