no bells and whistles for ipad mini 5 this time

iPad Mini 5: No bells and whistles are to be received by iPad Mini

Dorothy Smith

Technology has been flourished so much so that nowadays tablet computers are not a kind of hard to get devices. With the rolling of iPad Pro, we have witnessed fans going crazy. But we definitely find exceptional things when the brand Apple is concerned. That’s the reason why we get to be familiar with the mini tablets manufactured by the tech giant Apple. New updates and reports have been declared for the iOS 11 by WWDC. But iPad Mini, badly, is not at all receiving new updates.

iPad mini, the miniature of high-end tablets has always brought extra-necessary threads for its fans. Now that we have come with updates after what WWDC has confirmed, we can suggest fans for closing their doors of anticipating another flagship mini tablet under the name iPad Mini 5. Yes, it’s quite an unfortunate beginning of the event for iPad series.

no bells and whistles for ipad mini 5 this time

During the WWDC event, Apple declared updates for its iPad Pro models. Meanwhile, iPad models are somewhat like neglect. In the lineup of iPad, iPad Mini is in its probable life support. So people, if you opt for a cheaper iPad, you can choose between two updated devices, one is 9.7-inch iPad and other being the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. However, at the event, Apple brought major updates in both the models. If iPad Mini 4 is way too costly for you, then the 9.7-inch iPad can be the flagship that you are seeking for. Honestly, all tech gurus might have noticed how entry-level iPad along with iPhone 7 has been famed impressively rather than those iPad Mini models. To Apple, the Cupertino-based company wants to keep iPad Mini settled and then might come with an announcement of its discontinuation. Well, that we leave for the developers to decide.

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Since inception, iPad Mini has established itself as a hot thing that was debuted in the year 2012. But after the launch of the full sized iPad, everyone was super excited about the Kindle Fire tablet as well as Nexus 7. For people, they wanted something light-weighted so that they can carry it with themselves. Then iPad Mini came into the highlights, which was perfect for browsing the internet, read emails and more features. But now, with hi-tech devices, iPads became lighter and there we find phones to be bigger and more efficient. The fans have highly loved iPad features. As the world of technology grew more efficiently, the mobile phablets involved in becoming more successful. Therefore, by Worldwide Developers Conference Apple announces to develop and manufacture iPad Pro to be more powerful. As for now, no bells and whistles have been received by iPad Mini of Apple.