iPad Air 3 Release Date, Specification and other related information

Dorothy Smith

Apple is the biggest manufacturer of Smart gadgets around the world, no doubt the specifications and features included in Apple series of gadgets are out of the world. iPad air series is counting big in the market, we have seen recently that Apple launched iPad pro 9.7 version in March 2016. As per the details the Air version 3 model in the series can be launched somewhere around mid of 2017, the iPod Air 2 was loved by the audience and the tech freaks have great expectation for the iPad Air 3.

Apple holds it spring event in the month of March every year, the event is booked for the new announcement and overall performance of the Apple products all over the world. If the rumors are to be believed the iPad Air 3 will be launched in the same event this year, all the details about the pricing and new features to be expected in Air 3 will be discussed in the lower section. All the information is based on the popular trend, you can also expect the launch of iPad Air 3 launch few days in advance to the launch of Galaxy S8 model.

iPad Air 3 looks

However Apple doesn’t do so much experiment with the looks of the Air model gadgets, the company surprised the users during the launch of Air 2 model of iPad as the gadget was thin and light in weight with more slimmer and smart look. The Air 2 model was 6.1mm thick as compared to the 7.5mm first launch in the series. Apple is ready to surprise users once again as you can expect a slimmer model, for more durability more aluminum, will be used in the new model.

Rumored specification about iPad Air 3

There are many rumors trending in the market as part of the specification of iPad Air 3, the system is supposed to be powered by A9X chip and four-speaker audio system and much more. Improvement will be marked in the camera specification of the iPad Air 3, in order to make a great remark as unique launched feature. iPad Air 3 needs to differentiate itself with the iPad Pro 9.7 in order to call it the worth upgrade version of iPad Air 2.

Any Delay in Plan

Most of the news favors that iPad Air 3 model will be launched in the month of March, some of the other news agency part of the US claims that there can be a delay in the plan to launch of iPad Air 3 model. Some of the spare parts and specifications are still in the planning stage that can delay the process and make the launch to be marked somewhere in the second half of the year. The other rumors that are becoming popular are about the size of iPad Air 3, the company can change the size of the screen from 9.7 inches to 10.5 inches alongside with budget friendly variant of 9.7 inches. check out the detail coverage about iPad Pro 3 price.