iOS 12 Features: Some of the top features we can expect

Dorothy Smith

As soon as the iOS 11 was released, one thing had become abundantly clear; that the Cupertino-based giant had absolutely no problems as far as taking risks were concerned. It got rid of all the 32-bit apps and was a greatly improved piece of an operating system. Now that the iOS 12 is coming to the fore, many people are asking what great contents it will have. Hence, we decided to draw up this small list of all the greatest iOS 12 features which can legitimately be sought for.

iOS 12 features that we can expect

First and foremost, one must now remember that the iOS 12 too will be a technological advancement. Not only will it not have any older apps, it will also have a lot of other features which will make it a real joy to use. For example, we have provided the top features which may be onboard this OS.

  1. The latest iOS 12 will possibly have a system-wide autofill which will then be used to enhance the safety, security, and the reliability of such an OS. A system-wide autofill reduces the dependence of all the devices on third-party sites and apps and is hence much more reliable. Also, this is one such facility which no other comparable OS has. So, while the iOS 11 users indeed appreciated the Password Autofill For Apps feature, it remains to be thus seen which ones will make this list.
  2. Micro-LED display with Quantum Dot Technology: This is a newly imported technology as far as the iOS 12 is concerned. This sort of new technology will help in not only ensuring that the display is better but will also aid in battery conservation. If this new technology is used in the devices running the iOS 12, it is a given that the company, namely Apple, will have enough mettle to dislodge even the mighty Sony from the vaunted position that it holds as far as the display is concerned.
  3. Seamless Siri search engine switchability: Siri has endeared itself to us as far as daily usage is concerned. That does not mean, however, that this cannot be improved. In fact, if Siri is used to switching effortlessly and swiftly between Google search and Microsoft Bing, it will be better for those who use both search engines. just follow this blog for all the ios 13 related news.

Wrap up

Thanks to a paucity of space, we are unable to pack in any more additions to this list of iOS 12 features. However, we hope to see from you soon enough. Stay tuned to this page for more. you will able to download ios 12 beta after wwdc.