iOS 11

iOS 11 May Improve the Apple Pay: Check All Information About It

Dorothy Smith

Utilizing a Smartphone or for that matter a laptop which is equipped with or runs on a particular operating system was actually not imagined a decade back. But today the gadgets just cannot function without its respective OS. The Android OS and of course the Windows and the Blackberry operating systems have boosted the performances of the devices.

Wherein, iOS somewhere has gained tremendous appreciation by the avid Apple users. The Android users have said that the OS is the best among all the other operating systems while iOS users say that nothing can be beat this particular OS. Therefore, the competition between these two particular operating systems which started trending right after their inceptions have been highly stiff and strong. However, Apple is going to release the eleventh version of the operating system, iOS and the people just cannot wait or release the patience level in order to up-date their iPhones to the latest version of the OS which would be the iOS 11.

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Last year the iOS 10 overawed every single user of Apple as the features were outstanding, premium, optimum and obviously first-rate. Therefore, there is certainly no doubt in the iOS 11 being a splendid one yet again. However, iOS 11 release date has actually not been stated officially due to which people cannot say when the iOS 11 will be ready to get downloaded. But if looked into the release date of the all the other versions of the OS, maximum number of them has been actually rolled out in September. Therefore, iOS 11 certainly has all probabilities of getting actually unveiled in September 2017.

Nevertheless, while some are waiting for the iOS 11 release date the other are mulling over and predicting the features which may have probabilities of getting equipped with the next version OS.

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Talking about the Apple Pay, it has been actually said that the iOS 11 may just come up with an improved and an even more advanced version of the Apple Pay. So, the one step payment procedure might just get introduced with the next edition of the iOS when it launches. However, even a better and an advanced Siri might get equipped with the next version OS. So does that point Siri will actually get compatible with the other application and not only the ones which are third party apps? This expected change might be the greatest one in the eleventh generation iOS.

Nevertheless, the Dark Mode feature which is in the news these days has also been talked about. The feature basically would reduce the brightness and the glaringness of the display and rather put the dark background. The background would obviously become less stressful to the user’s eyes and they would find the feature highly convenient.

However, the avid users certainly have loads of expectations from the iOS 11 and the tech giants who are developing the next OS in the series would certainly not disappoint the users. Therefore, the eleventh generation OS developed by the tech entity might be the real game changer because of all the features and facilities it would sport.