Freedom HD apk not working

Freedom App Not Working: Process to Deal with Various Issues

Dorothy Smith

Freedom is a great app that helps to get our mind off from various distractions of the internet. Basically it blocks apps, websites or the entire Internet on iPhones, iPads, Windows and Mac computers and Android devices. This app helps you to be more focused and productive. But sad part is even this app users have found some of the issues while using this app and thus here in this tutorial we will discuss some of the Freedom app not working issues you might face while use this app.

Freedom HD not working
Freedom HD Not Working

Here are some of the Freedom App Not Working Issues

No connection

It is one of the issues the Freedom app users quite commonly face. To deal with the issue the users need to install one popular app called Lucky Patcher. You have to enable “Google License Verification Emulation”, “Google Billing Emulation” and “Proxy Server for Google Play” from the switches tab at the bottom of Lucky Patcher.

“License Service to Google Play Store” and “In App Services to Google Play Store” should be there too, but if they’re not, switch them to green too and just leave them that way even after you’re done with the in app purchases.

Switch the others off after you are done.

Hope this will help you to deal with the issue.

Freedom APK not Working

This is another frequent issue the users often get while using the app. Here is the process to tackle the issue:

First download a file explorer that can edit system files. (ex. Root explorer, ES file explorer)

Then navigate to folder “System” in root directory.

Now open the “etc” folder in “System” and find the “hosts” file.

Edit that hosts file and paste the code ( localhost)on it.

Now save the hosts file.

In the settings open Applications manager.

Now find Google Play Store and open it and click on Clear data button.

After completing everything Reboot your Android device.

This is a very useful method to handle Freedom APK not Working issue.

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Last Words

Freedom is a great app that covers all of your devices, block apps and websites, schedule freedom sessions and get your mind rid of internet addiction. This app saves your time and makes you more productive. Thus if you still haven’t downloaded it, do it fast and for any Freedom app not working issues take the help from this article!