France vs. Racism: Accusations and Logic

Dorothy Smith

France finally declared their 23 man squad for UEFA Euro Cup 2016 amidst a lot of hubbub. French coach, Didier Deshamps made one of the most balanced and powerful teams ever possible in the history of the nation. However he had to make a few very difficult choices when it came to choosing the most deserving players. Deshamps left out Benzema from the final list. This sparked a lot of controversy which was spearheaded by some of the most famous personalities of the nation.


Befuddling Accusations

Jamel Debbouze is a well known stand-up comedian and actor who is currently responsible to rekindling the controversy regarding taints of racism in the team selection process. He is of Franco-Moroccan origin and he lamented on television saying, “None of our representatives” have been chosen for the main French team. This followed a much debated accusation brought on by Eric Cantona. Cantona is a former Manchester United and France striker who accused Deshamps of excluding Karim Benzema and Hatem ben Afra. do not forget to check France VS Switzerland Live Streaming.

Why are They Nothing Less than Ridiculous?

These accusations were quite baffling as the current French team is one of the most multi-racial team ever possible. And as far the accusation for not including anyone from North African origins, Deshamps selected Adil Rami. Rami is a talented central defender of Moroccan origin, born and brought up in Corsica. He was added to the 23-man squad evidently due to the injuries sustained by other players.

Why was Benzema Excluded?

As far as Benzema is concerned, he has been entangled in some legal issues which include blackmailing his French teammate. It is evident from player performance that if he had not been busy with his legal problems he would have been the first choice for Deshamps’ 23-man squad. On the other hand, Arfa was never a sure pick due to his inability to perform constantly. He is quite an unstable player with flares of brilliance. He was always included in the larger training squad but when it came to the final 23 he did not have sufficient consistency to play with the big guns.

The Harsh Truth

A former professional coach from France confirmed, “Race is always a very sensitive issue. Even if there were not North African players in the main team it wouldn’t be Deshamps’ fault. Benzema would have definitely made the cut if he had not been tangled in legal outcomes of his actions.” It is worth mentioning that, the original squad indeed did not feature any players of Algerian, Moroccan or Tunisian origin. However the statistics, health conditions, legal issues and current squad analysis shows that it was in no way a conscious decision. This has not dissuaded either Cantona or Debbouze from making direct accusations against Deshamps for bringing in racial factors as far as the selection for the main team was concerned. do no forget to check Euro Cup 2016 Schedule.