FaceTime, the Ultimate Video/Audio Calling App, Find out why?

Dorothy Smith

FaceTime is among those applications which came into the market only some time ago, and after having been in the technology space for almost 5 years now, we do know that all the iOS and Apple users go all gaga over FaceTime, or, for that matter any app which belongs exclusively to Apple devices.

If you have been wondering why everyone’s so in love with FaceTime, here are 5 reasons that make it the ultimate video/audio-calling app!

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  1. Aspect Ratio

While all other or for that matter, most of the apps offer a landscape ratio over video calling options, here, we get to see a portrait option which in turn, makes it super convenient and provides a more of a real time experience while chatting over.

  1. Contact syncing

Syncing your contacts is super easy. Why? Well, it is only because of the fact that your emails are synced in, if not that, you can sync over with your number as well, Either ways, the process is super easy for it doesn’t need you to add and all, and simply work on the email, which you probably do have already of course.

  1. Compatibility

Now that is a feature which makes the app as good as it makes it bad for the only reason that FaceTime is limited to Apple products and therefore, the other person needs to be on FaceTime, for which, they need to have an Apple product.

At the same time, it could also be an advantage for the fact that the calls are quality ones an thereby avoid hassles or connection problems.

  1. Background functioning

Unlike many other applications, while on a video call on FaceTime, you will receive your emails or calls, and you can disconnect the call if you want to. This is something which is rather convenient for the reason that you don’t end up missing out on calls and can always revert easily.

  1. User Interface

Coming to probably the simplest feature of FaceTime, the app ahs a super easy and user-friendly interface which makes it not only an easy to use, but also popular among the users. With not too many settings to work with and a very user oriented setting, the app turns out to be a favorite of all!

Having said all that, we do know for a fact that the apps is a win win for all the Apple product users!