Check Out the Possible PlayStation 5 Key Specs

Dorothy Smith

Ever since Sony launched the first PlayStation in 1994, serious gamers have sat down and taken a look at the gaming consoles over the years. Now almost 23 years have passed, two decades down the lane and we have received a massive growth in technology. Since Microsoft uncovered the plans for Xbox One X, Sony’s PS5 has been into the speculative world. Mentioned below are the key specs of the gaming console which you must check. So read on!

PS5 Graphics Card

By the year 2020, we are surely getting 4K resolution everywhere as per technology. And Sony’s rivaled answer to Xbox One X is by the launch of PS5. If we believe possible sources, it can be said that Sony’s next console is going to come with a discreet GPU, instead of an APU like that of Xbox One X (Project Scorpio). As of now, PS5 is coming with a sophisticated graphics system as per envisions.

check out the key specs of PS5

PS5 Memory

As per the memory specifications, it’s probable that PS5 is one of the most envisioned topics. But with this console, we don’t exactly have any clue of what new is going to sport memory-wise in the much-anticipated PlayStation 5. Memory particularly refers to the way which accesses and stores data in order to contribute a superior gaming performance.

PS4 Pro was seen sporting 8GB of RAM alongside 1 TB of internal storage. But about PS 5, we don’t even have been any clue about its release date, for the fans more advancement might just be introduced during the production. Irrespective of RAM features, the internal memory is definitely going to sport a minimum of 16 GB. As per the onboard memory, it is expected to get an upgrade alongside a minimum of 4 TB console memory spec.

PS5 Design

Sony’s rival has already revealed the design of Xbox One which resembles quietly with the Xbox One. But with PS5 we still have no hints or ideas. As per the substantial talks, Sony’s upcoming console will be a state-of-the-art gaming platform fairly to be a portable one. Well, that arises a question in readers’ mind, exactly how much the console will weigh. Little do we hint that Sony’s upcoming console is much likely to weigh a bit lesser than that of PS4 Slim. But how will it be incorporated in a small box? That, we need to find out later with further envisions.

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PS5 Release Date

The developers are working at a constant stress in order to bring its upcoming console shortly. That brings us to the fact that we are surely getting the console as soon as possible. We take a stab for 2019 or 2020 for the release date of PS5. Until then gamers’ eyes are glued to the possible rumors and news about the much-awaited PS5.