iPad Air 3 Release Date, Specification and other related information

Apple is the biggest manufacturer of Smart gadgets around the world, no doubt the specifications and features included in Apple series of gadgets are out of the world. iPad air series is counting big in the market, we have seen recently that Apple launched iPad pro 9.7 version in March 2016. As per the details the Air version 3 model in the series can be launched somewhere around mid of 2017, the iPod Air 2 was loved by the audience and the tech freaks have great expectation for the iPad Air 3.

Apple holds it spring event in the month of March every year, the event is booked for the new announcement and overall performance of the Apple products all over the world. If the rumors are to be believed the iPad Air 3 will be launched in the same event this year, all the details about the pricing and new features to be expected in Air 3 will be discussed in the lower section. All the information is based on the popular trend, you can also expect the launch of iPad Air 3 launch few days in advance to the launch of Galaxy S8 model.

iPad Air 3 looks

However Apple doesn’t do so much experiment with the looks of the Air model gadgets, the company surprised the users during the launch of Air 2 model of iPad as the gadget was thin and light in weight with more slimmer and smart look. The Air 2 model was 6.1mm thick as compared to the 7.5mm first launch in the series. Apple is ready to surprise users once again as you can expect a slimmer model, for more durability more aluminum, will be used in the new model.

Rumored specification about iPad Air 3

There are many rumors trending in the market as part of the specification of iPad Air 3, the system is supposed to be powered by A9X chip and four-speaker audio system and much more. Improvement will be marked in the camera specification of the iPad Air 3, in order to make a great remark as unique launched feature. iPad Air 3 needs to differentiate itself with the iPad Pro 9.7 in order to call it the worth upgrade version of iPad Air 2.

Any Delay in Plan

Most of the news favors that iPad Air 3 model will be launched in the month of March, some of the other news agency part of the US claims that there can be a delay in the plan to launch of iPad Air 3 model. Some of the spare parts and specifications are still in the planning stage that can delay the process and make the launch to be marked somewhere in the second half of the year. The other rumors that are becoming popular are about the size of iPad Air 3, the company can change the size of the screen from 9.7 inches to 10.5 inches alongside with budget friendly variant of 9.7 inches.

The iPhone 8 may come with facial recognition features

Come September 2017 and the Apple iPhone 8 could well be in our hands and in front of our eyes thereby ending all of the furious months of speculations and rumours. We expect two features to be definitely sported on the new iPhone, which is in its 10th anniversary this year. Financial services firm Cowen and Company in a recently released note has stated that the iPhone 8 might get some sort of facial recognition feature. This, together with the much-hyped wireless charging, will ensure that the iPhone 8 delivers the bang for the buck.

A note by the analyst Timothy Arcuri states that Apple is set to introduce facial recognition which will be boosted by an all-new infrared sensor mounted on the front camera. Apparently, this report is based on supply chain sources of the noted Cupertino-based giant. Also, Apple may be looking to release three new phones this year, which is consistent with what other leaks and rumours suggest.

The rest of the news is pretty much the same as what we have been covering over the last few weeks and months. The 10th generation iPhone 8 trio will feature a bigger 5.8-inch iPhone which will release simultaneously with the smaller 5.5-inch version and the regular 4.7-inch iPhone. We can now state with a degree of confidence that the wraparound OLED display will be introduced. The biggest iPhone will boast of the TouchID under the glass surface on the front fascia. Exactly what sort of facial recognition feature the new iPhone will sport is unknown at this moment, however.

Samsung had earlier introduced an iris scanner on the ill-fated and now defunct Galaxy Note 7, which although a very good feature, sunk like a stone when the phone tanked. Since Apple is looking to introduce facial recognition in the next iPhone, the feature might have been given a new lease of life. Other features including the all-new and slightly bigger OLED display coupled with wireless charging have been reported. Apple will look to redesign the iPhone 8 completely and focus on an all glass body sandwiched in a steel frame. This will make it very similar to the iPhone 4s series.

In line with earlier reports, Apple will continue to rely on Samsung for the OLED supply. While other big suppliers like LG and Sharp will also be tapped, notable reports and sources have stated that the Korean giant will simply not be able to supply all the OLED panels by itself and other help will be required.

The iPhone 8 is supposed to sport a completely bezel-less design while the smaller smartphones will boast of the standard LCD display with only the biggest iPhone getting the OLED update. The sales of the new iPhone 8 will be closely monitored by both the manufacturer and other analysts as iPhone sales are set to drop in 2017. The new smartphone will be a marked improvement over the existing smartphones. Apple has been looking to beat Android smartphones over the last few years.  iPhone 8 will come with ios 11.

GarageBand App: Things you Need to Know About

Hey folks are you always wanted to be a musician or love music as your life so then I can assume you have landed up at the right place and at right time. Have you ever realized if Apple weren’t the one to create the awesome applications for its users, then there would be no iTunes, Logic or iPods? Luckily if you were looking for something else and landed up here, then I hope reading down to some of the paragraphs could change your life. “Design music without being an artiste” could be possible for you guys if you BYOD Mac. Let’s learn what GarageBand can do to add some beats in your life and how convenient GarageBand for PC might actually pan out to be, for you.


The power of G-Band?

With GarageBand, you don’t have to play any instruments to create musical chores. If you are good at placing blocks end to end then you can use GarageBand’s loops to compose music. You can also make your own ringtones from any of your favorite songs. You can edit any compatible audio file, not just music files but recordings that you’ve made with your Apple device- any of class lectures or business meetings for example; and if you would like to try your hands at playing guitar or piano, it also includes preliminary lessons for that.

But what if you are a hardcore a musician, you could use the musical sketchpad for writing tunes. You can exercise its built-in stomp box effects and amps to howl on your guitar at 3 a.m. (without waking up your neighbors). The application’s Drummer feature helps to make tracks sound more alive and its software instruments offers best of synthesizer palette that would cost thousands of dollars to replicate it.

Why the best?

Apple made music mixing application- GarageBand is one of the examples to excel in the world of music. Both professional musicians and amateur musicians could use the benefits of GarageBand with everything they want to build new and innovative. The application has broadened the sense of music and not only it helps to push the career line of the musicians to make a life out of it but also has an online form to solve any of the complexities if you have related to music.

·         Have best of the design and interface to design high quality music.

·      Users can choose from the unlimited mixing and matching to make their music groove upon.

·        Has a variety of choices to go with pop, blues, indie or rock. Basically gives you freedom to explore more.

·       Takes projects to get more what you want and has more than millions of tunes and mixing available.

·        Pre-mixing software is available within the application, no other plug-ins needed.

·        Complete system for beginners and masters.

·        Apple loops helps you to make things simpler and anybody could create more with GarageBand.

·         And there is much more once you get the depth of this application.

Is iPhone 7 truly worth the wait?

2015 was a year of disappointment of all the Apple fanatics. Not only did Apple do little to upgrade the new models, in fact iPhone SE, 9.7 inch iPad Pro and the new MacBook all look like clones of their predecessors. This dampened the spirits of a number of veterans and as a result Apple is now looking forward to a 20 percent decrease in iPhone sales in the first quarter following the iPhone 7 launch. iPhone 6 was considered quite a revolutionary model by the makers which bombed in the market. Now the question is how much magic will iPhone 7 bring with it to revive the iPhone market?


What is really boring us

It is especially tough since the demise of Steve Jobs who was the main thinker behind Apple and the lack of evolution in the designs of the phones post iPhone 4 makes that quite evident. Apple has earned the condescension of many dedicated followers and scorns of millions of critics by trying to introduce insipid products like the iPencil for exorbitant prices. Now the new generation of iPhone to be launched later this year is Apple’s only chance to redeem itself in the global market.

Something new to be excited about

Most of the “news” you had heard before was mostly banter from the electronic market. Now it is time to unveil the true bits which have been procured directly from the different inside sources in Apple. In addition to the much expected specs upgrade we got last year with 6S we will definitely be getting a second rear camera for close-ups. This may be a new venture for Apple; however this is an old stint in the international market. One could say Apple has drawn inspiration from LG G5 and Huawei P9. What we really want is a smoother zooming option which is not an expert in blurring the image during the pinch and zoom process we use today! However on the brighter side, the lens on the rear end of the phone will be flattened to make the surface completely smooth and classy.

What makes the wait truly worth it?

What is exciting us most is the fresh addition of a digital home button with touch sensors. This will finally make the front face of the iPhone completely smooth and remove the physical button which divides the display from the bottom. This will definitely improve the look of iPhone 7 making the front flush and the entire body sleeker. Other rumors in our radar include the removal of the 3.5 mm jack and the inclusion of a second speaker at the bottom. Apple is finally including dust-proof and waterproof features and Smart Connect options to make the device more user friendly and accessible. iPhone 7 will come with iOS 10.

So what do we think about iPhone 7?

What we would actually love more is a better battery life. However Apple seems to be maliciously silent on that front. But that does not keep us from keeping our fingers crossed as we do hear whispers from various sources about pending breakthroughs in battery technology at the Apple labs. So all in all, we think that iPhone 7 may finally start the design revolution which Apple has been waiting for, for the past 2 years now.