Rockstar Games may announce GTA VI on 14th June, Here are the top 5 features of GTA VI.

Rockstar Games have been a part of our lives since a long time now and since the day 1, the company have always given us the reason to stick to its games. They have a lot of games under their gold belt but the one that got them so much money is the GTA or Grand Theft Auto series.


To start with their history, GTA Vice City was the breakthrough that earned them unparalleled fame that no other game maker could. Then came their GTA San Andreas which was hardcore gamer’s best option. It featured a full fledged normal thug life gaming which was not limited like the GTA Vice City but had a huge map to play on. Then the company decided to launch GTA 3, GTA IV and GTA V which were great in every possible way. Now, Rockstar Games have hinted a huge announcement of launching GTA VI in this quarter only. Sims 5 will also release on same year.

Let us have a look at the points where Rockstar games will improve their GTA Series and what new to expect from GTA VI.

  1. GTA VI might feature real time international maps. Yes, you heard that right, GTA VI team is planning to include maps that are real-time and are as accurate as real time maps are. Rockstar games previously patented the name of GTA Tokyo and went to Japan to see how the streets in Tokyo are built and that is when they decided to scrap the project because of the problems in building the replicas in the game.
  2. Game play has always been the highlight of any GTA Game and that’s why, GTA VI is going to be no exception but better only. GTA VI is likely to be launched first in Playstation 5 and xBox Two and it is likely to feature different screen quality options as well. If you have aq 1080p screen, then you can select a 1080 p resolution or if you have a 4K Screen resolution then you can go for the qHD resolution.
  3. Female character- with this addition in the game, Rockstar Games is also stepping up and making its game available for its female fans as well. The Rockstar games is really excited about its female character and what we are hoping is that they are going to make the character a bad ass one.
  4. The GTA V edition saw enormous amounts of stunt opportunities for its users and yes everyone loved them very much so this time we will be in treat to see even better stunts and amazing cars as well. The last time (GTA V) we did not have any complaints in the department and the next time (GTA VI) we will be very much surprised. Rumors are that GTA Team is trying to get licensed vehicles in the GTA VI and if yes, that would be the best thing!
  5. Release Date- Rockstar Games will make announcement for the GTA VI in the first Quarter. So the expected release date for the GTA VI will be in the 3rd Quarter around December or so.

All the hardcore gamers will be waiting for the GTA VI very patiently and no wonder if this becomes the best seller soon after its release!

FIFA 17 Requirements

What is the FIFA 17 System Requirements? Check Now

Considering the release date calendar of EA Sports, we can assume that FIFA 2017 will be coming out during time span of September 22nd to September 25th in 2016. We already have wish list ready for FIFA 17 features and in comparison to the last edition of FIFA game series, EA Sports’ game FIFA 17 have lots of chances to improve when it comes to  engaging game play. FIFA 17 may release in October 2016 and it will be available for all types of consoles by the month of November. So, gamers are already going gaga about the requirements of the sports game, so just let’s dig into it and find out if you are ready for it or not. The cherry on the cake rumor is Messi being pulling out from the cover and making space for Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro to take over his place on the cover of FIFA.

Let’s look into expected FIFA 17 system requirements and what will be required by your PC in terms of game play and graphics. Undoubtedly FIFA 17 will be facing a huge competition from PRO EVO, FIFA 2017 Gameplay is expected to be much better in multiple ways and we are guessing that FIFA 17 system requirements will be higher than never before. Each year expectations of fans gets huge. Stakes on FIFA series are always high and this year is no exception.

FIFA 17 Requirements

So the question is what new and exciting features we can expect from the FIFA 17. The internet is flooded with numerous rumors and wishlists regarding FIFA 2017.There are hundreds of things that determine these factors but there are some standard set of specifications for FIFA 17 to run properly. Make sure that you have high or at least recommended specifications if you are planning to buy a new PC.

You should be having Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 (only) 64-Bit Operating system. CPU should be Intel Core i3-2100 @ 3.1GHz OR AMD Phenom 7950 Quad-Core OR AMD Athlon II X4 620 OR Equivalentor of better clocking. Ram should be 4GB or above. 15GB space should be free in your system for the game to launch. DirectX should be of version 11.0 or above. Single player and multiplayer option are there. Maximum 4 players can simultaneously play the game. ATI or NVIDIA graphics or video card of minimum 1GB should be there. Since, the game exhausts the system resources so you might require cooling system.

The EA Sports is yet to release the trailer of FIFA 2017. Once it is out, we will be able to reiterate system requirements.