Borderlands 3 rumors

Borderlands 3: What’s the new buzz regarding the game?

Dorothy Smith

Possibly, one of the most celebrated names in the gaming industry, Borderlands gaming series has been one of the massive hits. Ever since the first installment rolled out in the year 2009, fans have enormously been in love by sitting up and talking a notice. Regarding the title sequels to a successful title go, there have been various things that went wrong, and most of them didn’t even turn up for fans to get their hands on it. Fortunately, with Borderlands 2 it’s nothing of that sort. As per reports, Borderland 3 confirmed by Gearbox has been the in-thing for all serious gamers now.

It is likely to say that Gearbox exactly knows the formula to deliver hit games one after another. With the upcoming Borderlands 3 creators evidently, are going to let players play as any one of the playable characters. For fans, the game will consist of a lot of gameplay elements of the previous titles. Without any doubt, Borderlands 3 is going to be the first-person loot and shoot action game that’d be offering a lot of expeditions along the Pandoran terrain. Also note, this time, nothing unlike the previous installments, Borderlands 3 is envisioned to provide the open world setting where players will locate the vault and uncover the secrets. And as it’s an open world game, it would consist of lots of side quests; thereby allowing gamers to explore further of Pandora and discover new Borderlands 3 characters and weapons. As a result, it will help them with the primary quest.

What is the new buzz regarding Borderlands 3

Formally, Borderlands 3 game has not been announced with a proper trailer. But as per envisions we now know that Gearbox has been experimenting with the Borderlands 3 ideas. It has been lined up for the launch somewhere in the year 2018. And much to our knowledge, the game is going to get released for the eighth generation gaming consoles such as Xbox One as well as PS 4. Little do we know that there are possibilities for the game to come with a 4K support! That brings us to the excitement that it’d be playable on PS 4 Pro too!

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The entire globe is awaiting Borderlands 3 release date as it is probably the biggest addition to its franchise which has challenged all the gaming rules since the first installment was debuted. Despite its significant amount of delay, Borderlands 3 is a much talked-about game. And talking about creators, they certainly know to deliver unique games, and this time it’s surely no different. Wait for the upcoming news until we receive the official announcement of its release date.