Best New Year Celebration Ideas — Updated

Dorothy Smith

Practically ‘New Year’ is nothing but a day. But we love to celebrate each and every single moment of our life so Beginning of a year is also became an event.  We celebrate the event New Year is observer on 1st of January according to the modern Gregorian calendar as well as Julian calendar. The concept of acknowledging the New Year was introduced by Mesopotamian. But the Day New Year first celebrated on 1st January in 153 BC in Roam. So friends it is an old culture. Where there is a celebration there are parties. So here are some New Year Celebration ideas for your help; check this once. So what’s your plan to celebrate Happy New Year 2017?

happy new year celebration ideas

No celebration takes place without party and party is incomplete without friends and family. Here New Year Party has a different spark. It is one of the most colourful celebrations of our life. The event Happy New Year occurs on chilly season and it is the appropriate season for hang out and party. Now there are so many party options for us that are Theme Parties, House Parties, Pool Parties, and Banquette Parties etc. It is the time when we decorate our house with candle, sparkling paper and rice light bulb.

Theme Parties

Black Light Party

Cover the whole party place with black color or black paper. Decorate the room with pure black light. Tell your guests to wear light colored dress and keep a glittering stand on their hand for the party. As tonic water glows under the black light so it gives a mysterious effect with ice cube. Try to serve the foods which have a glittering touch in it. Finally your party place will rock with its black effect.

One Last Hurrah Party

As we know New Year brings new resolution in our life. If you are a foodie and cannot give up your food habit then this party ideas is perfect for you. Organized a party and invite your close friends. Then ask the guests what they want to give up or improve. So before quitting your habit let us indulge that one last time. Some colourful New Year Images can add some extra charm to the party.

Chocolate Pool Party

Hey this party is for all. Create a pool with liquid chocolate and deep everything on it. This will be most exciting for all age group as everyone loves chocolate.

House party

This is the simplest way of organized a party. Decorate your house with your own choice. Arrange food, invite your friends and just enjoy this day in your own way.