6 Best Facetime Alternatives

6 Best FaceTime Alternatives To Look Out For

Dorothy Smith

FaceTime is the king of video calls when it comes to choose a good video calling app on iOS and FaceTime for PC also. But using the same application for couple of months may get monotonous and sticky. So you can try these below mentioned app as a substitute of FaceTime.

6 Best Facetime Alternatives

6 Awesome FaceTime Alternatives


First on our checklist is an app named Glide. This is a bit different from many video calling apps. This is technically a video message solution where you record video messages and send them to people. The person you’re messaging could enjoy your the message real time bu   t this isn’t really a app with some live chatting functions.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is most likely the referral you’ll get when asked about a great alternative of FaceTime. It’s an all in one online application that promotes messaging, voice calls, as well as video calls. You can do message and talks with around 100 persons and video chat with around 10 people at the same time. It additionally includes video filters, sticker labels, emoji, and also plenty of various other functions under the hood. Your Android device could have this preinstalled so it’s a good first step.

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Among the lesser known options for video calling is an app called ICQ. This app gives you absolutely cost free video calls as well as it works well with minimal stutters as well as minimum on call issues. It supports chatting, HD video chat, messaging, and also calling features just like Google Hangouts. It’s additionally supports cross platform which is something we always want to see in a messaging app.


LINE is one more preferred messaging solution used by people all over the globe. This one features free voice as well as video call. It does focus a lot more on the messaging features and also there we can use sticker labels and different other functions making your texting and video calling experience a lot better. Overall, it’s a good app to try out and it’s a cross platform app!


Everyone knows about Skype. It’s a popular and really outstanding video calling and chatting app. On top of cross platform support, Skype is renowned for its stability, appeal, and also for its many features. You can additionally message and also voice your Skype contacts totally complimentary with an alternative to buy minutes to call actual phone numbers. There are some issues occasionally that Skype is working out, yet on the whole it’s a favorable experience as well as you could video chat with up to 10 individuals.


Tango is among the oldest video chat apps on the Android channel as well as has had a great deal of time to improve as well as expand for many years. It’s a full-fledged chat application that features text chats, totally free video calls, and cost free voice telephone calls. It’s an effective video application and also was one of the best FaceTime alternatives.