Best Car Battery Maintenance Tips

Dorothy Smith

Car’s battery is one crucial part to take care of, and no one should really wait until they find out their car won’t self-start one fine morning. Although many people push their car batteries until they finally die on them, but that should never be the practice. A car’s battery has a specific lifetime like anything else on this planet, and every car owner needs to know how to run the life-span assessments on a car’s battery. From a car is started to it is put into the parking lot after a busy day, a car battery goes through countless charging and discharging sessions eventually making the battery wear out. The best car battery care tips are here, to guide a car owner through the essential battery maintenance tips.

Be a Little Proactive with your Car

A lot of people just tend to start a car and drive it all year long and never pop the hood by themselves. Sure, the service centers are all there to provide all the essential services but there’s no regret looking under the hood yourself, is there? Keep a timetable of regular battery maintenance and check the liquid levels and connectors of your battery according to that. Especially when the weather is extreme, regular checkup of battery is more necessary.

Annual Test of your Car Battery

The car battery technology has moved a long way. There isn’t much necessity for regular official maintenance of sealed lead maintenance free acid batteries that’s bought within the past few years. But for safety measure, you should still have the battery checked once per year even if everything seems alright. A car service center can disconnect and reconnect a battery properly and get things restored in proper order, in case you don’t want to do the job by yourself.

Make sure the Battery Matches your Requirements

Batteries aren’t smartphones and there isn’t a lot of specifications the owners need to care about. However, a replacement battery should properly fit the battery space allocated inside a car’s hood. A smaller battery that does not fit inside the battery housing might produce trouble with the connection and the terminal. The terminals should be properly aligned with your car’s connectors. These never usually cause an issue because everything’s aligned according to universal standards, but you should still take a closer look.

Get a Brand New Battery, Not Refurbished

When replacing a battery, always get a brand new unit. Refurbished units may be available with the car service centers for a cheaper deal but that’s a waste of money as you would need to replace that battery within few months, and you could be deserted in the middle of nowhere if the battery unexpectedly dies on you. Also, don’t buy a battery that’s more than 6 months old. Every battery has some sort of codes to define its age like A for January and 6 for 2016; etc.

Be Friendly to the Nature

Recycle your old battery with a dealership so that you don’t harm the nature. A lot of battery stores would offer you a discount if you return the old battery to them while buying the new one.


Chances are, the best car batteries won’t even need this much attention. But don’t let that fact make you any careless. Check out our buying guide of best car wax.