Apple watch 3 to launch in september 2017

Apple Watch 3 To be Unveiled in September?

Dorothy Smith

We are at the beginning of the end of the first quarter of the year 2017 and already we have seen a number of electronic gadgets making their appearance on the market. This is particularly because of the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona in Spain which came to an end last week. A number of new smartphones, as well as smartwatches, have been unveiled during the event. However, all the followers of the development in the world of technology have their eyes set on what comes out from the house Apple and the recent news has got something really great for them.

The latest news that has popped up from the world of technology clearly hints at the fact that the Apple Watch 3 release date is not too far away. And if we go by the news the event of the launch will take place in the month of September. There have been enough discussions going on around the world regarding the Apple Watch 3 release date, but this news will surely provide the tech enthusiasts with some clear indication of which way things are going.

Apple watch 3 might be available from September 2017

Now as we have got some idea regarding the Apple Watch 3 release date, let’s have a look at the configurations of the smartwatch that we know until now. There are a lot of things that will surely make the fans really excited, but there are also a lot of things that will make the fans think a lot about it. To begin with it, we need to take a look at the design of the smartwatch, and it is believed that the Cupertino-based leading smartphone developer will bring in a smart band when it comes to the Apple Watch 3. There are a number of patents that have been submitted, and it remains to be seen what the ultimate design of the smartwatch turns out to be when the actual launch of the device takes place.

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There are enough suggestions that the smartwatch will undergo an overhaul as far as its display is concerned. The next generation smartwatch might give away the ‘Touch-on-lens’ screen and bring in the micro-LED display instead of that. There have been enough discussions going on regarding that, and it will be really interesting to find out whether micro-LED makes its debut on the display of the Apple Watch 3 or not. Also, the processor of the watch is expected to be upgraded, but it is not yet sure which one will feature in the upcoming edition of the smartwatch.

The available versions of the Apple Watch have received some good reviews other than the battery. And it is really necessary that Apple brings in a considerable change in the battery of the smartwatch. Also, expectations are there that Apple Watch 3 will have support for the LTE. So it remains to be seen what the actual features of the Apple Watch 3 turns out to be as we approach the official Apple Watch 3 release date.