An Exclusive Guide to 2 Best Android Media Players

Dorothy Smith

Until and unless you are occupied with some sort of music streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, or Google Play Music, you already are acquainted with a fair share interest in choosing the best Android Music Players. Because a huge number of folks like us do not really preferring choosing streaming apps. Instead, they have their own taste for music players. And those of us who prefer the aforesaid, here’s some best Android music players. Check out the mentioned list below.

2 Best Android Media Players That Money Can’t Buy

BlackPlayer- Being a simple and elegant music player, BlackPlayer is that little distance between you and your music. It can operate on a tab structure and also lets you customize the tabs to use the ones only that is actually desired. It would be worth mentioning, BlackPlayer has an equalizer, scrobbling, widgets, an ID3 tag editor, themes, ad-free and also support for most preferably used music files. Delightfully simple, it also comes with a fantastic option for fans as far as minimalism is concerned. You can get the free version of this service which happens to be a little bare-boned, however, the paid version enables users the power of using some upgraded features. As a final verdict, it happens to be one of the best Android music players worth trying.

MediaMoney- The dark horse, as sources suggest, the MediaMoney music player comes to be one of the finest in the range of best Android music players. With the inclusion of a ton of features, the MediaMoney comes with organizational features as well which s purposed to offrer things like podcasts, audiobooks, and the capability of sorting songs by certain things like composer (instead of artists). What makes MediaMonkey a truly unique music player is that it also has the basic thing like the equalizer. And much to the knowledge of fans, it comes with the ability to sync music library from the computer with the Android phone (and vice-versa). Although it features a complicated setup, it virtually happens to be one-of-a-kind app. The interface is also very user-friendly the app is an overall solid option for anyone who is seeking to know about best Android media players.

The Final Words

If you feel that we have missed out other best Android media players, do let us know about them vividly by reaching us through the comments section. We will provide you more updated guides on Android media players in the near future. Also note, you can share this guide with your close pals in case you loved what you read out here.

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