LG V30: Wish List for LG’s Premium Smartphone

The smartphone industry has flourished by leaps and bounds  post the latest technologies being rolled out every day and with the advent and introduction of technology like 4K resolution and Virtual reality, there is no end to what the latest smartphones can go on to feature. 2017 is certainly slated to be a device rich year from the top tech giants in the market and among these names, South Korean tech company LG does stand out as one of the forerunners.

LG has reportedly been very busy owing to the launch of their upcoming flagship device, the LG G6 which is pegged to make an appearance at the MWC 2017 event in Barcelona later this month. Now, with the G6 already featuring soon enough, tech enthusiasts have shifted their focus onto the upcoming LG v30, which is slated to be the third iteration of LG’s V lineup of premium smartphones. The V series by LG has certainly been more premium than the company’s flagship line in terms of specifications incorporated and is definitely holding a lot of premise prior to its release. Currently believed to be in a post production state, rumors pertaining to the device have been substantial.

Now, prior to the device being announced, tech enthusiasts have come up with quite an elaborate wish list for the LG V30, some of which might actually end up seeing the light of today. Here are a few key wish list features pertaining to the upcoming LG V30

A Faster Snapdragon 835 processor- One of the main points of the list and certainly the one which has the most chances of materializing, the Snapdragon 835 processor is definitely one which tech enthusiasts are striving to see under the hood of the Snapdragon 835. The new 10nm process from Qualcomm is slated to be 27 percent faster than the previous Snapdragon 821. The chipset is supposedly more battery friendly as well allowing support for Qualcomm’s QuickCharge 4.0 functionality.

Removal of the secondary Display and OLED display panels- One of the key features of the V10 and V20 smartphones were the secondary displays which both the premium devices sported. Now, LG has been working on OLED technology for quite some time now and the V30 certainly holds a lot of prospect for the OLED display panel to be features. Add to that an edge to edge display design and a bezel-less front panel, the aesthetic outlook of the V30 will definitely unparalleled.

Enhanced security measures: Today’s devices are definitely featuring the latest top notch technologies and security features for the devices are also slated to feature a ramp up. The LG V30 has a huge chance of incorporating an iris scanner into the smartphone as a first grade security measure and unlocking technique. Although details regarding this particular development have been scarce so far, the LG  V30 case will definitely sport an ultrasonic fingerprint canner on the rear panel of the device just below the dual lens camera system.

Ford GT, The fastest Car in the World, beats Ferrari in Speed

Gone are the days when fastest cars used to be Ferrari. With Ford’s new supercar Ford GT having a top speed of 246 mph, 2017 Ford GT has become the fastest car in the world putting behind the likes of Ferrari, Porsche, and McLaren. The Ford GT, with the racing version, has already beaten Ferrari and Porsche at the track of Le Mans. Mr. Raj Nair, the Executive Vice President, Global Product Development and Chief Technical Officer of Ford, specially mentioned about the speed of the supercar, saying, “The Ford GT has racing in his blood.”

Ford GT: Engine and Specification

The supercar is equipped with twin turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine which is a part of Ford’s EcoBoost family of engines. The engine produces a mammoth 647 HP at 6250 rpm and 550 lb-ft of torque at 5900 rpm. That’s real fast! With the racing version of the engine, at Calabogie Motorsports Park in Canada, Ford has beaten both McLaren 675LT and Ferrari 458 Speciale. Ford GT’s timing was 2 min 9.8 sec whereas McLaren’s time was 2 min 10.8 sec and Ferrari’s was 2 min 12.9 sec.

Mr. Dave Pericak, the Global Director of Ford, said, “Our expectation has always been that the EcoBoost V6 would perform exceptionally well in the Ford GT –- both regarding power as well as aerodynamic efficiency. We are extremely pleased with how it performs, both on the track and on the road.”

The new version of GT has gone through a drastic change in the engine than its previous version. The previous GT was powered by 5.4-liter V8 engine, producing 550 bhp and 500 lb-ft of torque. Although with this high powered engine, the official released EPA of the new GT shows that it is even more frugal in fuel efficiency compare to its V8 version predecessor.

Ford GT: Exterior

To make the car lighter, Ford is using carbon fiber as the main structure. It will also give the car more structural rigidity. Ford is also using Aluminium sub-frames for reducing the car’s weight and to increase the car’s stiffness; they are integrating steel role cage. The dry weight of the car is less than 1400 kg, and with the power output of 647 bhp, the GT has a power to weight ratio of 470 bhp/ton, which is by far one of the highest.

Ford GT: Interior

Instead of conventional dials, Ford is using a digital display for all its speed, revs, and other things. The car has “F1-style” steering wheel. The seats are fixed, and the steering column and pedal box adjust according to driver’s size. It makes sure that the weight distribution does not vary with the change of driver.

The car has five adjustable driving modes: – Normal mode, Wet mode, Sports mode, Track mode and V-Max mode. Modes can be changed via a switch on the steering wheel.

Ford GT: Price and Release Date

The exquisite supercar will cost around $40,000. The initial down payment for the car will be 50% of the total price.

To maintain the exclusivity of the car, Ford is producing 250 cars per year for 4 years till 2020. The window of purchase application for 2017 is already closed by 12 May 2016. For year four, the application will be open again in early 2018 and the year three waiting list candidates will be given the preference and for year four.

The Fast and the Furious 8: Cara Delevinge and Ruby Rose to Join Hands with Cipher

The curiosity buds of every viewer got tickled to a larger extent right after the makers of the action franchise, The Fast and the Furious announced that the eight installment of the series will actually come into existence. The exhilaration level spiraled even more when the fans got to know that the upcoming entry is named as The Fate of the Furious. And its now time to get thrilled once again as The Fast and the Furious 8 will be released in the nearby single screens and multiplexes on the 14th of April. It is expected that more than half of theaters will get booked one day before the release as the fans are excessively hyped with the upcoming movie. People are expected to go head over heels for Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel once again while some are just waiting to watch each and every fight and action sequence which are obviously going soar the potency and depth of the plot. Therefore, witnessing the scenarios as well the happenings of the forthcoming movie of the franchise on the 75mm screen is something very interesting. As far as the earnings of the eight installment is concerned, the movie is obviously going to amass an enormous amount and there is no doubt in it at all. The theaters are going to be packed up and some may not get tickets on the weekends if they end up booking it late. Therefore, the moviegoers must book their tickets one day before the release of the action film itself. Nevertheless, several people got lucky a few days back as they got chance to watch The Fate of the Furious beforehand only and everyone of them have only spoken positive about the plot. And this is another hint that the movie will be gaining a mammoth amount at the global box office.

However, it doesn’t seem to be a impossible for a franchise which is known as the biggest one under Universal Studio and another reason is the immense success of each and every entry. But we wonder how much exactly the movie is going to earn as we predict that The Fast and the Furious 8 might even become the highest grossing film of this year. And might even cross the records of other Hollywood movies which have performed immensely well in the past.

Talking about the story, a spell will be created by Cipher whose character is going to be depicted by the celebrated Charlize Theron, and on the other hand, we may also end up witnessing Ruby Rose and Cara Delevinge shaking hands with Cipher in order to support her in whatever she does. Cipher is cruel, ruthless and won’t spare anyone and she will eventually lure Dom and will influence him to an extent where he will end up backstabbing the people who mean a lot to him.

However, The Fast and the Furious 8 is surely going to deliver a thrilling and a nail-biting plot.

You TV Player: Know how to Install APK File for Android

Most of the times we get frustrated when we watch out favorite videos and it starts buffering just when the intensity of it creeps in, and some of the conventional video downloading sites even provide us with low quality videos as well. But the technology has surpassed a lot of things and has got evolved at an extensive rate. We love watching videos especially films and tv series and also some of the trending reality shows. And YouTube has been our savior since several years but many of you may have found it really difficult gets all those intriguing videos on YouTube on your devices. You might even want to watch the videos whenever you feel like without any wifi or internet connection but that may have happened rarely or after immense slogging. However, some of the most used video downloading apps have started trending these days and one of them is You TV Player which has garnered innumerable amazing comments and responses. One of the best feature about these great video downloading applications is that all of them comes for free of cost as the user do not get charged for the subscription after downloading. The You TV Player application is very much compatible with all the Android as well as Windows devices but unfortunately the application has not been made available for ios devices yet. Therefore, the ios users are hoping that it gets introduced to the operating system.

You TV Player APK download is one of the most crucial parts before installing the video downloading app. And today we are going to highlight the points which are required to download the APK file on one’s Android Smartphones as well as other devices which are equipped with the same operating system. So you need to follow each point carefully while you install the APK file.

  • You will find third party websites which provides the APK file for free and they are well reviewed as well. So you need to click on any of those sites in order to install the file.
  • Right after you are done with it directly click on the settings section of your device or Smartphone and then head to the security section.
  • Turn on the option named unknown sources right after you to settings section. This is generally required because the Android operating system do not allow any other application to get downloaded easily if it is not available on Google Play.
  • You will get to figure out the APK file in the Downloads section in the Home menu or where ever you have saved the file, and then all you need to do is run the file.
  • The process is almost done as it will take just few seconds and then just go to the application and watch whatever you feel like downloading on your device and enjoy to the fullest.

This process is applicable for installing APK files on Android Smartphones and other devices which run on the operating system. But there is a whole new process which is required to be followed for installing the file for Windows PC.

You can surf different genres of videos and download them on your devices through the You TV Player applications and another plus point is the videos which have been saved by you can also be watched through the app. The You TV Player app also supports different kind of formats which include FLV, AVI, MPEG, MOV, 3GP and many more.

And the feature which has attracted the users the most is the supports of Google Chromecast by the video downloading app. And with all this features the You TV Player application definitely stands out and is a must have. So hurry up and get the application right away.

iPad Air 3 Release Date, Specification and other related information

Apple is the biggest manufacturer of Smart gadgets around the world, no doubt the specifications and features included in Apple series of gadgets are out of the world. iPad air series is counting big in the market, we have seen recently that Apple launched iPad pro 9.7 version in March 2016. As per the details the Air version 3 model in the series can be launched somewhere around mid of 2017, the iPod Air 2 was loved by the audience and the tech freaks have great expectation for the iPad Air 3.

Apple holds it spring event in the month of March every year, the event is booked for the new announcement and overall performance of the Apple products all over the world. If the rumors are to be believed the iPad Air 3 will be launched in the same event this year, all the details about the pricing and new features to be expected in Air 3 will be discussed in the lower section. All the information is based on the popular trend, you can also expect the launch of iPad Air 3 launch few days in advance to the launch of Galaxy S8 model.

iPad Air 3 looks

However Apple doesn’t do so much experiment with the looks of the Air model gadgets, the company surprised the users during the launch of Air 2 model of iPad as the gadget was thin and light in weight with more slimmer and smart look. The Air 2 model was 6.1mm thick as compared to the 7.5mm first launch in the series. Apple is ready to surprise users once again as you can expect a slimmer model, for more durability more aluminum, will be used in the new model.

Rumored specification about iPad Air 3

There are many rumors trending in the market as part of the specification of iPad Air 3, the system is supposed to be powered by A9X chip and four-speaker audio system and much more. Improvement will be marked in the camera specification of the iPad Air 3, in order to make a great remark as unique launched feature. iPad Air 3 needs to differentiate itself with the iPad Pro 9.7 in order to call it the worth upgrade version of iPad Air 2.

Any Delay in Plan

Most of the news favors that iPad Air 3 model will be launched in the month of March, some of the other news agency part of the US claims that there can be a delay in the plan to launch of iPad Air 3 model. Some of the spare parts and specifications are still in the planning stage that can delay the process and make the launch to be marked somewhere in the second half of the year. The other rumors that are becoming popular are about the size of iPad Air 3, the company can change the size of the screen from 9.7 inches to 10.5 inches alongside with budget friendly variant of 9.7 inches.

The iPhone 8 may come with facial recognition features

Come September 2017 and the Apple iPhone 8 could well be in our hands and in front of our eyes thereby ending all of the furious months of speculations and rumours. We expect two features to be definitely sported on the new iPhone, which is in its 10th anniversary this year. Financial services firm Cowen and Company in a recently released note has stated that the iPhone 8 might get some sort of facial recognition feature. This, together with the much-hyped wireless charging, will ensure that the iPhone 8 delivers the bang for the buck.

A note by the analyst Timothy Arcuri states that Apple is set to introduce facial recognition which will be boosted by an all-new infrared sensor mounted on the front camera. Apparently, this report is based on supply chain sources of the noted Cupertino-based giant. Also, Apple may be looking to release three new phones this year, which is consistent with what other leaks and rumours suggest.

The rest of the news is pretty much the same as what we have been covering over the last few weeks and months. The 10th generation iPhone 8 trio will feature a bigger 5.8-inch iPhone which will release simultaneously with the smaller 5.5-inch version and the regular 4.7-inch iPhone. We can now state with a degree of confidence that the wraparound OLED display will be introduced. The biggest iPhone will boast of the TouchID under the glass surface on the front fascia. Exactly what sort of facial recognition feature the new iPhone will sport is unknown at this moment, however.

Samsung had earlier introduced an iris scanner on the ill-fated and now defunct Galaxy Note 7, which although a very good feature, sunk like a stone when the phone tanked. Since Apple is looking to introduce facial recognition in the next iPhone, the feature might have been given a new lease of life. Other features including the all-new and slightly bigger OLED display coupled with wireless charging have been reported. Apple will look to redesign the iPhone 8 completely and focus on an all glass body sandwiched in a steel frame. This will make it very similar to the iPhone 4s series.

In line with earlier reports, Apple will continue to rely on Samsung for the OLED supply. While other big suppliers like LG and Sharp will also be tapped, notable reports and sources have stated that the Korean giant will simply not be able to supply all the OLED panels by itself and other help will be required.

The iPhone 8 is supposed to sport a completely bezel-less design while the smaller smartphones will boast of the standard LCD display with only the biggest iPhone getting the OLED update. The sales of the new iPhone 8 will be closely monitored by both the manufacturer and other analysts as iPhone sales are set to drop in 2017. The new smartphone will be a marked improvement over the existing smartphones. Apple has been looking to beat Android smartphones over the last few years.  iPhone 8 will come with ios 11.

5 Ideal Electric Toothbrushes You Can Use

These days, the world is really embracing the great technological innovations that make the lives of many people easier than ever. Due to these technological innovations, high tech gadgets are made; from home appliances to personal belongings. One good example is the electric toothbrush 2017, which is used for personal hygiene. Yes, you read it right. There are already electric toothbrushes available that can make tooth brushing simpler and done in a proper way. In this regard, here are the 5 ideal electric toothbrushes that you can use today:

  1. The Pricey Philips Sonicare DiamondClean – This electric toothbrush is very expensive, but it is all worth the cost. What you will surely love about this particular electric toothbrush is the fact that it has a classy design, great finishing, and made from high quality materials. Its body has non-slip feature, making you to have very convenient brushing moments with your teeth. Its handle is quite small and slim. Without a doubt, The Pricey Philips Sonicare DiamondClean electric toothbrush can be a luxurious addition in your bathroom.


  1. Oral-B Pro 400 CrossAction – As far as oral health is concerned, Oral-B is an extremely famous brand, and Oral-B Pro 400 CrossAction is one best electric toothbrushe the brand has to offer. One feature it has is the high-tech 3D cleaning technology. Moreover, it has 40,000 pulsations and in every minute, it can rotate up to 8,800 times. Because of this, you can be sure that your teeth can be cleaned thoroughly. Removing more plaques can also be possible through its CrossAction feature.


  1. Oral-B PRO 600 CrossAction – Gadget guys and girls will definitely love the Oral-B PRO 600 CrossAction electric toothbrush. You won’t believe it. This electric toothbrush can send important information in your smartphone because it is built with Bluetooth 4.0. What made this toothbrush unique and far more excellent to the others is the fact that it is equipped with 5 brushing modes. These are polishing, thorough cleaning, gentle, massage, and standard modes.


  1. Oral-B PRO 2000 CrossAction – It is another excellent electric toothbrush from Oral-B brand is manufactured with 3D Cleaning Technology. It has 16-degree angled bristles that help tooth brushing done in a proper and thorough manner. It will brush tooth by tooth, removing every single plaque present in your teeth. It has two modes, and these are the Daily Clean and the Gum Care modes.


  1. Panasonic Compact Travel – One other ideal electric toothbrush that you can consider having is the Panasonic Compact Travel. It is just a small size electric toothbrush. Its size is around 16 centimeter. However, this does not mean that it cannot do what other bigger excellent electric toothbrushes. When it is on its full charge mode, it can be used continuously for 3 months. It is the best choice of numerous travel buffs out there.


These are the 5 ideal electric toothbrushes that you can consider buying and using these days. With these high-tech electric toothbrushes, having serious problems with plaques and cavities on your teeth is nowhere to be found.

Best Car Battery Maintenance Tips

Car’s battery is one crucial part to take care of, and no one should really wait until they find out their car won’t self-start one fine morning. Although many people push their car batteries until they finally die on them, but that should never be the practice. A car’s battery has a specific lifetime like anything else on this planet, and every car owner needs to know how to run the life-span assessments on a car’s battery. From a car is started to it is put into the parking lot after a busy day, a car battery goes through countless charging and discharging sessions eventually making the battery wear out. The best car battery care tips are here, to guide a car owner through the essential battery maintenance tips.

Be a Little Proactive with your Car

A lot of people just tend to start a car and drive it all year long and never pop the hood by themselves. Sure, the service centers are all there to provide all the essential services but there’s no regret looking under the hood yourself, is there? Keep a timetable of regular battery maintenance and check the liquid levels and connectors of your battery according to that. Especially when the weather is extreme, regular checkup of battery is more necessary.

Annual Test of your Car Battery

The car battery technology has moved a long way. There isn’t much necessity for regular official maintenance of sealed lead maintenance free acid batteries that’s bought within the past few years. But for safety measure, you should still have the battery checked once per year even if everything seems alright. A car service center can disconnect and reconnect a battery properly and get things restored in proper order, in case you don’t want to do the job by yourself.

Make sure the Battery Matches your Requirements

Batteries aren’t smartphones and there isn’t a lot of specifications the owners need to care about. However, a replacement battery should properly fit the battery space allocated inside a car’s hood. A smaller battery that does not fit inside the battery housing might produce trouble with the connection and the terminal. The terminals should be properly aligned with your car’s connectors. These never usually cause an issue because everything’s aligned according to universal standards, but you should still take a closer look.

Get a Brand New Battery, Not Refurbished

When replacing a battery, always get a brand new unit. Refurbished units may be available with the car service centers for a cheaper deal but that’s a waste of money as you would need to replace that battery within few months, and you could be deserted in the middle of nowhere if the battery unexpectedly dies on you. Also, don’t buy a battery that’s more than 6 months old. Every battery has some sort of codes to define its age like A for January and 6 for 2016; etc.

Be Friendly to the Nature

Recycle your old battery with a dealership so that you don’t harm the nature. A lot of battery stores would offer you a discount if you return the old battery to them while buying the new one.


Chances are, the best car batteries won’t even need this much attention. But don’t let that fact make you any careless. Check out our buying guide of best car wax.

SnapTube App: All that You Need to Know

When we talk about the applications related to multimedia there are many available in Google Play Store, but there is one which takes all the flaws away with it, is the new avatar of video and music downloading application i.e. the SnapTube!


What SnapTube does that it allows it users to download different types of videos and music through it; you can download videos from any of the streaming websites like YouTube, FaceBook, iG, Live Leaks and others. You can choose the quality of videos wanted to download, and even if you would only like to download the audio of any of the video that is also an option there. Eventually everything has its pros and cons but if you are delighted by the pro, it can overshadow the few cons. SnapTube is a multi-user application which comes with more than 12 in-built sites to download videos and music.

Here checkout the amazing jam-packed features of our favorite video downloading app- SnapTube have it. All you have to do is download the Snaptube apk file:

Videos- with this app, you can download videos in an easy and convenient way. This makes the whole streaming experience simple, and once it is downloaded on your device you can watch it offline without any internet connection.

Catalogue- SnapTube has so many options and categories to choose from, with a section of most trending, most popular and recently watched videos pop right up for recommendations. This not only helps you find new and interesting videos but in a way but it shows you what is happening new every day in the world of multimedia.

Browsing- this is one of the most convenient feature about SnapTube, just a click away you can search any keyword in the search box, and the moment you write letters an elongated dialogue will show smart suggestions of the videos or artist you are looking for.

Capturing- once you get to your desired video whatever you were looking for, you can click the download button reference with a bold arrow pointing downwards, and you can also select the path where this video will be downloaded.

Quality- the best part of having this application is that you can choose the quality type of the video you would want to download, it can be either 1080p resolution or you have an option to choose lower picture quality that goes till 240p.

Audio- one of the unique thing that this app contains is you also have an option to only download the audio of the video, isn’t that amazing, which could actually could save a lot of space on your smart phone and the audio will automatically be saved in mp3 format and in this you can also select the quality of audio either from 128KBs or 256KBs.

Also Check: ShowBox App Alternatives

After going through the detail recollection of what this application is made for, I think this is the reason why SnapTube have more than 1 million downloads every day. Let’s hope this sticks longer than winter’s ice.

ShowBox App Alternatives: Apps Similar to Show Box

If you’ve been hoping to get a change from the daily use of the ShowBox App, then here we have brought for you a list of apps that can be an ideal ShowBox app alternative. Although the movie streaming application is very much downloadable through the ShowBox APK file, you can also use these ShowBox alternatives to try your hands on the other applications with the same feature and genre.


1) PlayBox HD App

This is a nice alternative for everyone who’s looking out for a change of app while steaming online. This sure had to top our list for the utter choices it gives, and of course, the regular updates it has!

 2) MegaBox HD

Yet another of the free applications, the MegaBox HD has an app as well as on the web. It sure is a great alternative, and there are many who prefer this over any of the other apps and streaming services.

3) Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is available on both iOS and Android, and though it has the basic thing that everyone has to offer, it is one of the best and hence occupies a position in our top 3.

4) Movie HD

The name is self explanatory and we sure do not have to speak much about this. If you want some really cool movies and the kind which keep you entertained, then this is pretty much your go to place.

5) Crackle

Crackle, with some 25 is yet another of the best alternatives that one can go to while wishing for a change. It has some 25 million users and content keeps changing and upgrading every month. No sign ups and all those processes required! Everything is just about at the tips!

There are some thousands of full-length movies to watch from Hollywood and TV serials are a plus. Free on both Andorid and iOS, and, of course, it has support for Chromecast. You have scope for watch list and create a favourite lsit for yourself. 

6) Hulu

After having aired the the movie/TV Show, the content is updated almost immediately. Depending on what show you are going to watch, you have the 

It lets you watch movies within clicks, and has support for Chromecast, and supports watch list. If in case you don’t get the videos on the app, you can as well switch to the desktop.

It possibly has the maximum number of movies to stream!

7) Hubi Streaming App

Hubi app is again, a nice alternative for ShowBox since it has movies and videos to watch offline, it allows you to choose the media players you wish to play it upon, and, at the same time it also allows you to share those video links with friends and others.